The Canon EOS R5 Will Cost Less Than $4,000

The Canon EOS R5 Will Cost Less Than $4,000

The upcoming Canon EOS R5 camera has generated more hype than any other camera in recent memory, with some showstopping features that have caught the attention of photographers and videographers alike. With many wondering what the price of such a powerful camera will be, there is some great news.

While Canon has released some of the key specifications of the upcoming EOS R5, one important piece of information, its price, has remained unmentioned. The cost has been a bit tough to guess. Canon confirmed that the R5 is essentially the mirrorless version of the 5D, which would put its price somewhere in the $3,500 range, but with features like 8K internal video, the prospect of a potentially (much) higher price also seemed possible. Thankfully, though, it seems that the price will be in the former camp. Canon Rumors is reporting that the price will indeed be under $4,000 at launch (likely in July). This will surely make the EOS R5 a popular camera and keep pressure on other manufacturers. With features like 8K internal video and 20 fps continuous shooting coming in at $3,500, one has to wonder what sort of specs we will see in a $6,000 R1 body. Either way, it's an exciting time for Canon fans! 

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Tom Reichner's picture

Alex, I see that it says you posted this an hour ago, which would have been approximately 12:30 PM Eastern Time. Yet I could swear that I saw this same article posted here a couple of days ago.

Did you post the article here a couple days ago, notice no responses or comments, delete it, and re-post it, in order to try to generate more interest? I am trying to understand why you would post something, delete it, then repost the same thing, and the only thing I can figure is that you are trying to get our attention all over again with the same content.

Any clarification would be appreciated. As far as the price of the upcoming R5, I guess that's just something that I am not interested in at this time.

Peter House's picture

I think this is just updated info. I recall seeing a similar article a few days ago as well but it was SPECULATING the price would be below $4000. This one says it WILL. So it seems within the last couple days there has been some confirmation and thus an updated article to clarify that.

Alex Cooke's picture

No, we had an article a few days ago that was an opinion piece saying this camera should be priced under $4,000 to be competitive. This article confirms that that will be the case.

Ryan Ringstad's picture

sooooooo $3999.99 and then you'll be forced to pay to unlock many of the "features" via firmware update.

Fine by me. Looks perfect for my needs and reasonably priced. Have no issues personally paying to unlock features if it's clear in advance.

So about the same as a Medium Format GFX50r

Just taking notes....

Tom Reichner's picture

That is a good comparison to make. With the specs of 20 FPS and fast-action focus tracking, it makes me realize just how much more you will get for your money with the Canon.