Canon EOS R6: The Premier Sports Photography Camera?

The Canon EOS R5 has taken the spotlight since its release alongside the EOS R6, but have we been focusing on the wrong camera all along?

Sure, the EOS R6 lacks flashy features like the 45-megapixel sensor and 8K raw video recording found in the EOS R5, but that plays to its benefit in that you aren’t going to have to pay for them either. For $1,400 less than the EOS R5, the EOS R6 is still a professionally spec’d camera body that can handle its fair share of challenges. For the shooters that aren’t easily influenced by large numbers, this makes it a great deal in that you get your new camera and have $1,400 left to use more effectively.

In this video from Monkeypixels, Damien Cooper looks at the EOS R6 in the context of sports and action photography. Cooper comes from a background of using Canon EOS-1D DSLR bodies as a press photographer, and he understands the demands that sports photography has on cameras. Here, he is shooting photos and video of figure skating and giving his thoughts on the EOS R6’s performance. While he was previously let down by the EOS R, that is not the case with the latest Canon mirrorless cameras.

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I wouldn't know because literally all the sporting events I usually photograph have been cancelled since march 😂 😭