The Canon EOS RP Is a Bargain Right Now

The Canon EOS RP Is a Bargain Right Now

If you’re pondering your first full frame camera or need a backup body that will handle all of your Canon glass, now's a good time to buy the EOS RP. With holiday deals, it’s now cheaper than ever.

The EOS RP is Canon’s second full frame mirrorless camera and was launched in March 2019 at the refreshingly low price of $1,299. Some complained that its video features were lacking, citing the severe crop on 4K footage and limitations on autofocus, perhaps a result of Canon trying to offer this as an affordable gateway to the RF mount while protecting the more expensive EOS R (currently $1,599) and whatever else the Japanese manufacturer had in store.

The RP has always been an affordable camera and its age combined with some holiday discounts mean that it’s now available for just $899. It makes a fantastic choice as a first “proper” camera (though there are plenty of cheaper options) and will be backwards compatible with all of your Canon EF glass courtesy of an EF-EOS R adapter. Its diminutive size and the 26-megapixel sensor also make it an excellent second body for Canon shooters.

Will you be adding this to your camera bag? Let us know in the comments below.

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This seems like the weakest mirrorless.

It may be the weakest compared to its more expensive siblings, but it is very impressive to use.

Poor ergonomics, will never receive any firmware improvement, near end of life.

And for $100 more you can pick up the, arguably, much more capable Nikon Z5…

I might, hadn't I bought so many Canon lenses...

Well there are third party adapters that will let you use Canon glass on the Z mount, but I agree that if you’re already in a camera ecosystem it doesn’t make much financial sense to switch.

I love my RP paired with the 800mm lens and 2X converter for less than $2500. It is amazing to be able to handhold 1600mm and get decent photos.

This is impressive!

Ergonomics is in the hands of the holder. My hands aren’t large; the RP fits nicely and controls are easily accessible. Light weight, too. Firmware updates are not a concern. The most recent update improved human and animal eye focus. This is a very competent shooter with access so much glass.

Hi Joseph, what is the firmware that you currently have on your RP ?

I didn’t realize the RP has animal eye AF

Hi Joseph Dorsey, what version of firmware do you currently have on your EOS RP ?

for 100 bucks more, b&h is selling the nikon z5 - with ibis!!

It's funny... the phrase "haters gonna hate" springs to mind, and yet I feel compelled to counter what has been said, because there are posts here from people who have never owned or taken the time to get to know the RP. 

The RP is NOT the weakest mirrorless. It is better designed, more ergonomic, smaller and lighter weight (this makes it better than larger, heavier cameras), and more versatile than most. I accidentally put it in A+ mode and discovered that it had as much customization to offer there as in the creative modes. 

There are those who love SONY. But, most pro reviews say the dynamic range doesn’t come close to “the weakest” Canon. And, the SONY menu system is known throughout the industry to be so kludgy that it is reason enough to go with Canon, even when giving up features. 

There are those who love Nikon and the reasons for going Canon are the same… terrible menu and terrible dynamic range. Much truer colors on Canon. and, my favorite… the AF system doesn’t even come close to Canon. In fact NO AF system comes close to Canon. 

Between Canon RF glass, EF glass, and all the great third parties, there are far more lens choices, across all price points, than can be found for either SONY or Nikon (or anyone else). 

As for the “end of life” comment, this is how technology works. Company’s make a product and eventually they stop. But, Canon still makes the RP and they have NOT put a deadline on its life expectancy. Even then, you will still get a 1 year warranty if you buy new, and an extended warranty if you choose to buy it. So, EOL is irrelevant. Also, a camera is more than just a piece of tech. It’s personal. There are people who still shoot with generations old digital and film cameras because they love them, they are committed to them, and they still do the job. So, “end of life” only counts when your camera actually stops working and it costs more to fix than replace. 

If you want an affordable (by photography standards), light weight, ergonomic, well appointed, versatile, robust camera that you can carry every day as a daily driver or backup camera, for hobby or pro use, this is it. I would buy it again in a second, even if I could afford a more expensive one.

canon rp @ 900 is great
but the nikon z5 @ 1000 is phenomenal

ibis alone is worth it