Is the Canon EOS RP a Good, Affordable Full Frame Mirrorless Camera?

The Canon EOS RP is an intriguing camera: it's an incredibly cheap and light full frame mirrorless body, but of course, to get to that price point, compromises had to be made. This informative and balanced review will help you decide if the EOS RP is the right camera for you. 

Coming to you from DPReview, this great review takes an honest look at the Canon EOS RP for both photos and stills. The EOS RP is a bit of a strange camera, as it offers full frame at a remarkably cheap price, but the RF lens system is anything but cheap. Of course, you can adapt EF lenses to the camera with excellent autofocus performance, but then that raises the question of if it's worth buying a mirrorless camera you're just going to use DSLR lenses with. Certainly, if the idea of an EVF and the advantages that comes with appeals to you, it's an intriguing proposition. But if you're not sold on that feature, until some more budget-level glass comes out for the RF mount, it's a bit of a mixed bag. Check out the video above for DPReview's full thoughts on the camera.

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Spy Black's picture

If you look at this camera as a photographers camera, it's more than capable. In the right hands of course...

Linas Laukevicius's picture

I will wait and then grab 5D MK IV for a low price. More people to mirrorless lower prices for FF 😁

Eric Salas's picture

Absolutely zero benefit to going mirrorless with Canon or Nikon until they have lenses that are actually affordable.

Alexander Petrenko's picture

Well... It’s surely mirrorless, good and affordable is quite subjective, hence 13 minutes of video.

Iwan Price-Evans's picture

You should probably mention on that you’re linking to a NSFW escort site.

imagecolorado's picture

101 flavors of ice cream

Timothy Roper's picture

Nikon has the right idea with their 24-70, and I wish Canon would come out with some smaller lenses, too. I just can't see buying an R or RP and using big lenses on it, either the RF or EF. Until they do, I'll just stick with my 5DIV, and maybe buy a Z6.

Thomas H's picture

I decided to get one, comes next week with the converter and grip.
In my style of photography, I often explore cities for hours at a time, and I photograph architecture, churches, museums and people. Often alone, as my wife is slowing down and cannot walk that much. When alone, and facing the dreaded moment of going to a restroom, leaving gear at the table and asking total strangers "could you take a look at my stuff?" is clearly not an option. Thus all what you have goes into the stall, and have to be possible to be handled. Smaller lenses and a small body are a must. My preferred full frame was the 6D Mk II, and I look forward to the RP as my 1st foray into a full frame mirrorless with a similar sensor. Albeit a disappointing sensor, not much progress has been made by Canon between 6D and 6D Mk II in terms of dynamic range and low light capabilities.

If it comes to mirrorless, I used to use the Nikon V1 several years back, and I had some mixed feelings about its merits and issues, which were widely commented. Worse of all was Nikon's lack of commitment to the CX, totally wrong pricing, and the rest is a history. So we all go full-frame.. Aha, people will soon discover that a total package body+lenses is not much lighter than the DSLRs.

Joe Van Wyk's picture

Sure appreciate a level-headed assessment. I'm experimenting with it, and so far I sure like the way Canon behaves. I'm a Sony shooter currently. In fact, I just created this video message to Kasey at Camera Conspiracies:

Robert Campbell's picture

I bought one (body and adapter) on friday from a local camera shop. Traded in my old T4i and 18-135 lens. Now using my nifty 50 and 70-100 lenses and comparing to photos from my old camera and speaking for me and only me it was a very good choice.

C Scarlett's picture

Picked mine up from B&H last Friday. Will be selling my 6D. Very big difference in flexibility and focus accuracy. Can't afford any RF lenses for now, but the performance of my EF lenses via the adapter has been excellent.