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Canon R5 Versus Sony a1: Which Shoots Better 8K Video?

The top-end mirrorless full frame cameras from Sony and Canon both shoot 8K video, but which gives better results? This short video aims to find out.

For fear of returning to a seemingly endless discussion about the R5’s behavior regarding overheating, this is probably one of the biggest factors to take into consideration if you were trying to choose which of these cameras to use. Dom Boisvert from LensProToGo uncovers some dramatically different results, as you might expect if you’ve been following this saga.

From this video, you might assume that Sony is more relaxed in allowing the heat to build up whereas Canon is being more conservative, but it might also mean that the heat dissipates through the body of the a1 better than on the R5, allowing its internal components to continue functioning even though the camera may feel hotter to the touch.

The other results are interesting, particularly the autofocus and the rolling shutter. Neither of these tests are particularly scientific and Boisvert doesn’t reveal which lenses are being used to get these results which makes the comparison a little tricky to judge.

Which results do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

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I wish my stills camera didn't shoot video..grumble ..grumble