Check Out Real World 4k Footage From The New iPhone 6s

Casey Neistat got his hands on the new iPhone 6s before its official release. He took the phone around Manhattan and captured a range of 4k footage. Although YouTube does compress everything, it looks good, and I'm excited to put this phone to the test myself. 


As always, the iPhone isn't the first to market with this feature. Android phones have been shooting 4k for quite a while, but when Apple does it, the world actually starts to take notice. The iPhone has now taken one pretty major step towards becoming a legitimate video tool for professionals. Obviously the camera isn't going to be able to shoot with shallow depth of field or in extreme low light but the 4k footage down scaled to 1080 should look at least as good as other professional 1080p video cameras at medium apertures. 

Obviously the video above isn't any sort of comparison and I personally am not even watching it on a 4k monitor but I can still see a bunch of pixelation during movement. I'm not sure if this is from the iPhone footage, the editing export, or Youtube compression but I'm excited to get my hands on this phone and compare it to the Sony A7RII at 4k. The iPhone 6s is officially available tomorrow in the USA. 

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Michael Kormos's picture

Haha! Love the video, the guys, the editing, and the music. That 4K footage is insane! I can read the license plates off the cars!

Gawd, his snooze is bigger than his index finger!\ coming at me!

Nice.. Ralph Hightower...nice sensitivity

Someone needs to state that he used the moment lens.

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Someone needs to watch the whole video.

Sergio Tello's picture

Color me impressed.