Check Out the Results of Using a 6K Red Epic Dragon With a $48 Yongnuo Lens

Comparison videos are nothing new, but you can’t help be intrigued by this one. YouTuber Potato Jet brought together equipment from total opposite ends of the spectrum to conduct this experiment. See how this cheap 50mm Yongnuo lens fared when attached to a 6K RED cinema camera.

In the words of DIY Photography, isn’t it all about the glass, after all? Of course, it was never going to compare in clarity and sharpness to an Arri 50mm lens, which retails for around $38,000. At the same time, it’s unlikely even a seasoned pro would be able to guess that the results were captured with such an inexpensive piece of equipment.

In his video test, Potato Jet tests out the combination in a number of shooting environments, trying it out both during day and night.

His conclusion is that there were, naturally, some flaws with using such a cheap lens. The clarity was an issue at times, with shots occasionally out of focus due to the focus ring having very little travel. But with such a low price tag, expectations likely wouldn’t have been high either. Given the right project, a lens like this could really provide a great aesthetic, or could serve as a great alternative to your expensive lenses if shooting in testing conditions.

[via DIY Photography and Potato Jet]

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Pretty impressive little lens