Contact Lenses with Micro Cameras Patented by Google

Contact Lenses with Micro Cameras Patented by Google

Google's new patent, contact lenses with built-in micro cameras, is definitely a technological breakthrough (if it can be brought to fruition). However, it can also be seen as pretty scary. I'm all for innovation, and am by no means a luddite. However, I do enjoy what privacy I have. Google Glass is already pushing the envelope... but a camera hidden in a contact lens?

Every time I see someone wearing Google Glass my first reaction is to avoid them at all costs. Not just because anyone who would wear that on their face is probably a weirdo, but also because I don't want my conversation with them recorded.

At least I can make that choice with a Google Glass wearer, but if people start wearing contacts that can photograph or shoot video of me, that choice is pretty much gone.

Of course there are some practical and beneficial uses, such as helping the visually impaired, or photographing someone trying to rob you, or any number of situations, but in reality, this seems to be another step closer to a privacy-free world.

What are your thoughts? Would you wear the Google contacts? Would you want others to wear them?

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Privacy free world indeed. Then some government organization or random hacker taps into your "eyes" and it's all hell from there.

Ghost in the Shell had an episode featuring this. ""The Visual Device will Laugh – INTERCEPTER" Featuring someone who's was being spied upon, but it wasn't by a third party, it was his own eyes unknowingly uploading everything.

It's no less private than our current camera on every street corner world. Just now everyone can participate in the global surveillance program. However this privacy free world is created by the people and viewed by the people. I would liken this technology as the "dashcam" for humans, just wait till users begin uploading to youtube all the crazy stuff they "seen with their own eyes"

Is the privacy less world is good for us? Have you ever read the 1984? The privacy isn't exist anymore thanks to the governments around the world. Your laptop, your phone, your smart HDTV, your smart watch is spying on you. This stuff is the next level of the global surveillance.

I don't want to live in the world where the kids never met the privacy anymore...

Today kids and teenagers posts everything to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr... Lunch, cats, thoughts, inner fears, naked body. They doesn't know anything about the privacy. Everyone want to be famous.

Sadly most people doesn't know how to use the technology and how to protect themselves.

this is just an extension of their contact project looking at glucose monitoring for people with diabetes:
It will be interesting to see what applications they propose.

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I think this will be revolutionary for film industry. Think that you are seeing a scene directly from the character's eyes. I think it would be really interesting and life-alike.

I would wear it. Think about all the great images you could capture when you can't bring your camera long with you. This is especially great for journalists in warring regions where they could easily get their equipment confiscated

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Film industry? Landscapes? Guys, It's not a full frame with a set of lenses...

So soon we wont need DSLR's anymore, our eyes have better Dynamic Range anyways, we'll just attach our lenses to our eyes!

I think this is perfect, but they need to make it so you have to slap yourself in the face to trigger the shutter.