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How to Take Stock Photos That Sell

I’ve been making money from stock photography for about 10 years now. I very rarely set up a shoot, or go on a trip thinking “I can’t wait to take stock images and make money from this,” but I've managed to recoup some money I've spent on trips over the years. Although I don't shoot stock full time, there are a few things that I do to make sure that every shoot I do gets me at least a few nice stock-style images that I can try and sell.

Five Photoshop Retouching Skills for Beginners

There are countless Photoshop videos and tutorials out there, but it can often be daunting for beginners to wade through them to find the worthwhile ones. In this video, Jeff Rojas discusses five of the most common tools used in retouching, and shows in simple terms how to best use them. If you're a true beginner, this video can prove extremely useful, but be warned, if you've been using Photoshop for a while, this will most likely be way below your skill level.

'Seasons of Norway': A Next-Level Time-lapse

If you've ever dabbled in time-lapse photography, you know what an incredible amount of effort goes into making a very short video. From the prep work, to setup, shooting, and editing, you're often looking at a couple of hours for a few seconds worth of video. Well, Morten Rustad invests a bit more time than that: roughly 20,000 kms traveled, 200,000 photos on 20 terabytes of hard drives, and two years of time invested. The result is an incredible seven-minute video that puts Norway's beauty on full display.

Leading Chinese Drone Company DJI Aquires Hasselblad

While nothing has been announced officially, multiple outlets including Fox Business and Luminous Landscape have reported that DJI has bought a majority share of Hasselblad. Although Hasselblad hasn't really been Hasselblad since 1996, the latest acquisition leaves many photographers scratching their heads. Why would the top drone company want to buy a camera company known now for its medium format, digital still image cameras? Aren't drones used for shooting video? Is DJI getting into the surveillance game? So many questions, so few answers.

Exploring Rim Light Gels With The Slanted Lens

Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens is one of the more energetic and therefore entertaining characters in the photography world. His videos are usually a good mix of oddball antics and solid educational material. In this video, Morgan demonstrates how simply swapping gels on your rim light (with a bit of haze in the air) can really change the feel of your photo. I'm usually not a huge fan of fake smoke or haze machines, as I think they can look a little overdramatic and cheesy. However, I think it works in this instance, because he uses a subtle touch of haze, and it fits with the subject matter.

david guttenfelder photographer national parks

David Guttenfelder shot for the Associated Press for 20 years, based in Nairobi, Abidjan, New Delhi, and Tokyo, but it wasn't until he helped open the AP's North Korean bureau in 2011 that he became truly famous. His Instagram account has nearly a million followers and is filled with stunning iPhone photos from around the world. He was one of the first photographers to publish images shot on his phone, which caused a bit of a stir at the time.

Collaborating With Chance: A B&H Street Photography Podcast

Producing an interesting audio-only podcast about a visual-only medium is one task I wouldn't want to take on. Over the past few years, I've downloaded, listened to, and deleted countless photography podcasts that were too dull or boring to justify more than a few minutes of my time.

LA Times Photographer Captures Stunning 8x10 Portraits of US Olympic Athletes

In the world of newspaper photographers, you'd be hard to find someone consistently making more exciting and interesting portraits than Jay L. Clendenin. You might have seen his Land Camera Polaroid images from the Toronto International Film Festival, or his 4x5 black and white/digital color diptychs of California Olympians. For this year's Olympics, he decided to go even bigger and bring out his 8x10 Tachihara view camera to capture some amazing photos of American athletes.

Photographer Loses Business After Shooting Trump

If you had the opportunity to shoot a presidential nominee for a year knowing that the rest of your photography business would die, would you take it? Ray Reynolds of RAYzor’s Edge photography did. He’s been shooting Donald Trump for the past year after a fellow photographer invited him to shoot an event last August. Reynolds seems thrilled about the chance to shoot these historical campaign events, but laments “My photography business is dead... Nobody will use me for photography now.” Well that’s a shame for Ray, especially if Trump loses.

Contact Lenses with Micro Cameras Patented by Google

Google's new patent, contact lenses with built-in micro cameras, is definitely a technological breakthrough (if it can be brought to fruition). However, it can also be seen as pretty scary. I'm all for innovation, and am by no means a luddite. However, I do enjoy what privacy I have. Google Glass is already pushing the envelope... but a camera hidden in a contact lens?

Instagram's Hidden Advertisements

So there was a big stink a few months ago when Instagram started using advertisements. I remember being angry and turned off when I saw an ad for whatever-it-was pop up in my feed (guess it didn't work). But that first ad is the only one I remember seeing, and I'm on Instagram more than I should be. As it turns out, Instagram is hiding those ads right in plain view.

A Peek Inside Chase Jarvis' Bag

We all know that it's not the gear that takes the photo, but rather the photographer, however when we get a chance to peek into Chase Jarvis' bag, I can't help but get excited. Jarvis is probably the photographer with the most successful social media presence out there. Between his blog and Creative Live, Jarvis' reach is enormous. It doesn't hurt that he's an incredibly talented photographer as well. Now you can see what's in his camera bag!

Behind the Scenes: Garry Winogrand at Work on the Street

Garry Winogrand is considered by some to be one of the top American photographers of his, or any generation. His books "The Animals" and "Public Relations" are classics, and the number of rolls of film he took over his short life are staggering. When he died he left behind 9,000 rolls of developed and undeveloped film. I can't even imagine the costs involved in processing and scanning those negatives.

How to Take a Great Food Photo for Your Instagram Portfolio

The guys over at Immaculate Infatuation are a little, well, obsessed with food. Their restaurant reviews are honest and refreshing; they tell it like it is. So when I saw that they wrote a piece about how to take "perfect" food photos, I knew I had to check it out. Now this isn't a guide for professional food photographers (far from it) but if you're one of the types that likes to Instagram every meal you eat, chances are you could learn something from their post.