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Behind the Scenes: Garry Winogrand at Work on the Street

Garry Winogrand is considered by some to be one of the top American photographers of his, or any generation. His books "The Animals" and "Public Relations" are classics, and the number of rolls of film he took over his short life are staggering. When he died he left behind 9,000 rolls of developed and undeveloped film. I can't even imagine the costs involved in processing and scanning those negatives.

The video is a short glimpse of the man at work in 1982, just 2 years before he died. It's amazing to watch him talk to the person filming him, while his eyes dart around looking for any opportunity to take a shot. I always find it fascinating to watch good, (and I mean really good) photographers while they're shooting. There is some strain of mad genius in most great artists, and to me at least, it is clear that Winogrand was definitely a mad genius.

[Via Reframe]

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Paul Donohoe's picture

sure is a mad genius. And what a nice man too. I like his philosophy nd style very much. He's right about how being on the street and working is close to "not existing". And "absorbing reality" Yes!!!