Photographer Loses Business After Shooting Trump

If you had the opportunity to shoot a presidential nominee for a year knowing that the rest of your photography business would die, would you take it? Ray Reynolds of RAYzor’s Edge photography did. He’s been shooting Donald Trump for the past year after a fellow photographer invited him to shoot an event last August. Reynolds seems thrilled about the chance to shoot these historical campaign events, but laments “My photography business is dead... Nobody will use me for photography now.” Well that’s a shame for Ray, especially if Trump loses. 

This video from WSLS news tells Reynold’s story, and in it he shares quips like: 

“(Trump) just looked at me and smiled. I said ‘You got big hands.’ He said ‘I know,’” and “He’s real funny, but he’s serious.” 

If you ever wondered who purchases those silicone camera covers in bright yellow, now you know. 

While covering Trump on the campaign trail would have been exciting, and an historical addition to anyone’s portfolio, I don’t think it’s worth losing the rest of your business over. 

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Lorin Duckman's picture

Maintain your objectivity. Make images not statements. He only wants pictures that lie.

Many percieve him as foolish and angry most of the time.

Pete, I don't agree with you but I do appreciate your civil discourse. How can you support a guy who consistently disrespects the military?

His quotes are well documented on the military if you are interested research from more than one source though.

The donation story has a lot of facts about there being no records of money given. Check multiple sources.

There's political theater but this is different and more dangerous and many of his supporters are far too invested in his spin to have a reasonable conversation.

I've spent a decade documenting war criminals and Trump shares all the character traits of one.

I'd look at sources outside of Fox and Breitbart.

Trump stated he would have no problem killing terrorist families, those are war crimes. I suggest you read about the Geneva conventions.

Wow, schadenfreude much? What a cheap article, celebrating a man's livelihood being taken away just for associating with someone you don't like.

Eric Lefebvre's picture

It's not celebrating the demise of his business but what businessman worth his DSLR even thinks that neglecting his business for a year isn't going to end up poorly?

If this was a story of people blacklisting him because of a couple Trump shoots I;d be upset for him but this guy abandoned his business for a year he LITERALLY has no one to blame but himself.

marknie's picture

Trump is going to win. You libtards are going to regret this stupid article


...the three of you are a perfect match, Mr. Niebauer.


And btw (since this post is bound to get out of hand, given the topic and circumstances)... have any women in your life you care about?


Putting the actual issue of abortion aside for a moment, the irony is that Trump is for or against a lot of things without having a clue about how or what to actually do about them. Having opinions and strong stances simply doesn't cut it, given the position he's vying for.

"I have not determined what the punishment for women should be"... his words, not mine. Go ahead, take that chance with this nutbag...

His positions are Pro-America only in the sense that they claim to be in America's interest. His actual positions are impossible to implement and unconstitutional. All easy to say if one lacks an understanding of how the military works, how the international community works, and how the Constitution works.

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People want to defend illegal immigrants.

Stephen Fretz's picture

I think it's logical to worry about the unintended consequences of sending them back. I don't like to see the law flouted, but I don't want to see a civil war in Mexico, either. A hundred years ago at this time a previous Mexican civil war spilled into the US, prompting president Wilson to send US troops into Mexico.

It's not far-fetched at all to imagine that couldn't happen again, if the safety valve of illegal immigration is taken away.

A lot of practical politics involves choosing the lesser evil.

Stephen Fretz's picture

11 million people in a place where they couldn't find work the first time around, that's how. Desperate people do desperate things.

To give Trump some credit, the free-trade agreement NAFTA put lots of small Mexican farmers out of business, which is why they came here in the first place.

You're right, we don't owe Mexico anything. But it might be in our self-interest to tolerate the status-quo, given the foreseeable alternatives.

Or it might not. But lets have an honest, accurate discussion. It's an easy issue to rable-rouse with, and that could turn around and bite us.

Peter Timmer's picture

they took uurrr juuuuuuurrrrrrbs!

Peter Timmer's picture

" Why would a Dutchman be interested in mocking Americans about foreigners illegally taking their jobs? Because he is obviously anti-American. "

Hi Pete, I'm not mocking Americans, i'm mocking you... (and i actually thought it was quite funny to be honest)
So unless you represent the entire US population i am in fact not mocking Americans.. I'm also not anti-American..

This is the internet and i can say whatever i want and mock who i want. Sometimes i might even practice in some self-mockery. Maybe you should try that as well, it might thicken your skin a little bit.. ;)

And the sentence "they took our jobs" is not just an American thing.. People say dumb things like that in The Netherlands and probably a lot of other countries as well..

Peter Timmer's picture

"A reasonably intelligent person, including a foreigner like you, would consider that what you are mocking is something many Americans would appreciate. So yes that does make you anti-American, not to mention you thinking you have a right to meddle in the domestic affairs of America."

Of course many Americans appreciate their jobs.. I'm not mocking the jobs nor people.. I'm mocking people in general shouting that foreigners took their jobs.. This is not an American thing as i explained to you.. This also happens where i live...

"Actually, this is a site owned by people that would say otherwise depending on your intent and how far you take your mocking."

You're absolutely right, this is not the place for discussions like this... And i don't think i went that far...

"Thick skin? If you only knew. A really tough and mature person doesn't speak and act as you do.")

I disagree.

"You may find it "dumb" when someone says that but in my country it happens to be fact. But of course that has nothing to do with you."

It happens to be fact in the country i live in as well, and let me tell you a funny fact. 2 weeks ago i was doing commercial photography work for an agricultural product. The product was to be photographed with people who were buying it, so the advertising agency and i went to one of the greenhouses which uses this new product.

Once we were there i didn't see one Dutch worker except for the owner of the company. I thought this was odd, because on tv i see a lot of people complaining that the fugitives currently residing in the Netherlands will take our jobs....

The people working at the greenhouse were mostly Polish, they earn the same wage a dutch person would do.. I asked the owner of the company how come there are only Polish workers.. And he replied to me saying that during the financial crises and still today he has a lot of work available. However this work has to be done really early in the morning and there just weren't any Dutch people interested in these working hours..

I immediately had to think about the people on tv shouting that the fugitives are going take their jobs, and i was thinking damn... We dutch are spoiled, the people shouting about fugitives taking their jobs are the typical on-welfare kind of persons who profit from the rest of society... Now i don't blame the Polish for taking these jobs at all.. I'm glad there is someone willing to do these jobs... I do however blame the people blaming foreigners for taking their jobs, because since 2 weeks ago i realized this is a shallow comment.

And of course your country has nothing to do with me.. But i see similarities so that's why i wanted to say something about it...

And lastly... You've got to chill out and not be Offended by everything and anyone who disagrees with you.. When someone say's something about you or doesn't agree with you it does not instantly make them anti-American.. I bet you would disagree with a lot of things in The Netherlands as well, does that instantly make you anti-Netherlands? I disagree with a lot of things in my country, but i'm still proud of it and will not be offended when someone has to say something about it... Or label them as "Anti"...

English isn't the native language of America btw. Interesting that the political party that favours reduced government wants to deport 11 million immigrants. How would that be possible without creating or expanding government?

Does it need explaining? I thought it obvious that to remove 11 million people would take signicant manpower that doesn't exist in any governmental organisation. Also read a book about America to find out who Native Americans are. Here's hint though you won't find that info on Fox or Brietbart.

As a vet you will then know that a dispersed guerrilla force will not be carpet bombed out of existence.Nor will it readily submit to a large, organized ground force such as the US Army. Nor is finding out who is friend or foe in a region of tribal alliances that are far more complex than "us vs. them".
As a vet you also know that calling upon a foreign power to attack American property, persons or violate our sovereignty is treason.

The Constitution provides for due process. At no point has Trump mentioned due process.
The Constitution forbids discrimination on religious or racial grounds.
The treaty demands we honor treaties with countries with whom we have travel agreements with.

We have a deportation process. The president has deported more illegal immigrants than Bush did, much to the dismay of immigration advocates.

"Rounding up" 11 million people is going to be handled how? Given the imperfection of all systems you would see a lot of innocent people caught up in any mass plan. I wonder how you will react when your neighbor is "rounded up"?

The process looks too much like a Nazi program to be tolerated by Americans.

As for "Pro-America" policies, one then implies that the policies and opinions of Americans who disagree are "Anti-American".

Trump never served. He mocked POWs, scammed vets with his "charitable giving", in short he is a chickenhawk. That is Un-American.

Eric Lefebvre's picture

How about his idea of refusing access to muslims ... even AMERICAN muslims (exceptions would be made for military personel serving abroad).

It is a violation of human rights to leave a citizen "stateless"

Right to a Nationality and Statelessness

The Right to a Nationality
The right to a nationality is a fundamental human right. It implies the right of each individual to acquire, change and retain a nationality.

International human rights law provides that the right of States to decide who their nationals are is not absolute and, in particular, States must comply with their human rights obligations concerning the granting and loss of nationality.

Eric Lefebvre's picture

"America can refuse access to whatever foreigner and foreign group it wants to, just like it did during WWII. It's a sovereign country."

Are you under the impression that Muslim is a nationality? It is what we call a follower of the religion of Islam.

This would be like interdicting return to the US to all Christians or all Budhists.

* Enemies both foreign and domestic can obviously include Muslim Americans. During WWII Japanese Americans, and Americans of other Axis nation heritage, were placed in internment camps.


The US government, under Regan, eventually enacted the Civil Liberties Act and paid over $1.6 billion in reparations to 82,219 Japanese Americans who had been interned and their heirs after an investigation.

Are you completely unaware of your history?

"More nonsense. Who is going to force America, or any other country, to grant foreigners citizenship?"

Again ... we aren;t talking about foreigners but ACTUAL AMERICANS PRACTICING A RELIGION!

Please, take the time to read up on the subject.

Eric Lefebvre's picture

AS a Vet, what are your views on his plans to violate the Geneva convention by bombing civilians ... families, and children of foreign fighters? In other words his complete disregard for the rules of engagement?

Eric Lefebvre's picture

The Geneva Convention ... that the US is a signatory to ...

"Articles 51 and 54 outlaw indiscriminate attacks on civilian populations, and destruction of food, water, and other materials needed for survival. Indiscriminate attacks include directly attacking civilian (non-military) targets, but also using technology such as biological weapons, nuclear weapons and land mines, whose scope of destruction cannot be limited. A total war that does not distinguish between civilian and military targets is considered a war crime."

Eric Lefebvre's picture

Also, before you say it ... the US signed the Geneva Convention in 1977 ... WW2 ended in 1945 ...

20+ year vet? So I guess you can see he would be the CinC by the way he comports himself with vets.

POWs are losers
KIA are disrespected
Gold Star families are insulted. AYFKM?

He is a ignorant demagogue who states that all issues are simply solved by "him alone".
He is clueless about our military, military history, military strategy, military politics and world affairs in general.
He did not even know about the nuclear triad.
He is ignorant of the Constitution (as are you).
He is ignorant about America. It history, culture and laws.
He is ignorant about technology of every sort.

He does not have the support of the leaders of the military.
He does not have the support of the leaders of the business world.
He does have the support of Vladimir Putin.
He supports Putin in the occupation of Crimea.

He brings in foreign workers on his projects.
He manufactures his products overseas.

He has been sued for rape twice and settled.
He has been bankrupt 6 times yet he says he is good at business.
He has over 3500 lawsuits against him.
He has a public record of judgements against him from people he cheated.

Yet somehow in your deluded fantasies he is suitable for President of the United States?

You are also a simple black and white thinker that thinks being President is easy.
This is the simplistic thinking that got us into Iraq. That is the simplistic thinking that would give a gigantic narcissist with temperament issues the nuclear trigger.
You know almost nothing about the affairs of state and celebrate your ignorance as "common sense".
This is what is wrong with our educational system when we let idiots dictate policy like creationism and faux patriotism as history.

You are in love with the jingoistic fantasies that were never true and that get us nowhere. Immigrant illegal or otherwise are not weakening the country. They pay taxes far in excess of the benefits they receive so rednecks can go on welfare while they make their meth.

They pay taxes so corporations and the 1% don't have to.
They pay taxes so that you get police , fire and military protection.

You are the short sighted ungrateful loser in this charade.

Eric Lefebvre's picture

QUOTE: "You libtards are going to regret this stupid article"

If he does we probably will because freedom of speech and freedom of the press are probably going to be some of the first rights that will end up on the chopping block ... dictators hate those rights.

I'm not sure about you, but for the rest of the world Trump looks like stupid arrogant jerk, leader of stupid arrogant jerks, most of whom will even have no voting rights 150 years ago. All that is said with a grain of political correctness...

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