A Peek Inside Chase Jarvis' Bag

We all know that it's not the gear that takes the photo, but rather the photographer, however when we get a chance to peek into Chase Jarvis' bag, I can't help but get excited. Jarvis is probably the photographer with the most successful social media presence out there. Between his blog and Creative Live, Jarvis' reach is enormous. It doesn't hurt that he's an incredibly talented photographer as well. Now you can see what's in his camera bag! If you're like me, you'll watch this video and dream about someday being able to afford all of the gear he has, let alone the job assignments needed to justify the gear. Anything he doesn't have that you think is a must have on assignment?

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mongolumbo's picture

who cares? he is a jerk....

Jayson Carey's picture

He's successful at what he wants to do. In the words of Captain Jack Sparrow, "but you HAVE heard of me."

stevengrosas's picture

And how have you come to that conclusion?

Steve Aarts's picture

Thats not true, i had the opportunity to hang out in his studio the other week and i can confidently say he is the most down to earth, appreciative, and humble guy.

OhBoy's picture

Oh, you've met him?

Chip Kalback's picture

Thanks for posting this, always cool to see what gear works for others!

Alessandro Baffa's picture

Well, it's an "essential kit" for super pros, actually ... not for normal human beings.

Patrick Hall's picture

Hmmmm....if you exchange the D4s for D800s, that's basically my kit too :/

Dan's picture

Why would you say for a super pro? The still photography case was filled with what most pros will have. The average professional wedding photographer will have 2 bodies and those same 3 lenses. (or canon equiv) as the bare minimum for a base kit.

MorZar's picture

So he uses both nikon and canon

Owain Shaw Photo's picture

That's why everyone hates him, he angers both sides ...

Dan Keeble's picture

why don't North Americans know how to pronounce 'Nikon' properly? ...not trolling, generally interested.

Kyle Farris's picture

Because Nikon US's (and mayabe Canada's) marketing department says it that way in every commercial. It's "correct" for us in the west. Just like it might be "Nikkon" for you guys or "Neekon" for Japanese. It's just the way that's most similar to our vernacular.

Dan Keeble's picture

that makes sense, thanks