Cosina Announces New Lenses for Canon RF, Fujifilm X, and Nikon F Mounts

Cosina Announces New Lenses for Canon RF, Fujifilm X, and Nikon F Mounts

Cosina, known for their Voigtländer lenses, has announced four new lenses, including some impressive options for Canon RF, Fujifilm X, and Nikon F users. 

The four new lenses include:

  • NOKTON 50mm f/1 Aspherical RF mount
  • NOKTON 35mm f/0.9 Aspherical X mount
  • ULTRON 27mm f/2 X mount (black and silver options)
  • NOKTON 55mm f/1.2 SLIIs F mount

As expected, all four lenses are manual focus designs. Voigtländer lenses are generally well known for offering all-metal designs, pleasing bokeh (of note, the 50mm f/1 and 35mm f/0.9 designs feature 12 aperture blades, while the 27mm f/2 features 10), good sharpness, and deep contrast, all in relatively small footprints. Cosina is particularly proud of the 55mm f/1.2 lens, as they note that such wide apertures are typically not found on the F mount. It is also interesting, of course, to see a new lens for a DSLR lens mount. When I shot with Sony cameras, I absolutely loved my Voigtlander Heliar-Hyper Wide 10mm f/5.6 Aspherical, and it was the lens I missed most when I moved back to Canon.

The new lenses will be on display at CP+ 2023. Cosina has not yet given out price or availability, but hopefully, we will hear more soon!  

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I own a Voigtlander 40mm f12 E mount and it is a stunning lens. Nice to see Voigtlander filling out their other lens mounts whilst now, you'd assume, starting a move into RF mount with more to follow. I take it Canon's issue with third party lenses is to do with autofocus as Voigtlander lenses do have electronic contacts??