[Deal] Capture One Pro 6 - 50% Off This Week Only

It seems the crew over at Phase One is in a particularly giving mood this week. They have decided to sell their flagship software title at 50% of its retail price. In fact ALL their software is 50% off. The catch? It's this week only. Capture One Pro is arguably the go to software for tethered shooting and high quality raw conversions.

This week's 50% off sale includes the following titles: (All prices US$)
- Capture One Pro 6 (Retail: $399, this week: $199)
- Capture One Express (Retail: $129, this week: $64)
- Media Pro 1 (Retail: $199, this week: $99)

Head over to the Phase One website to take advantage of this deal.

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This software absolutely ROCKS!! Especially for nikon users. Their raw conversion is light years ahead of Lightroom. No comparison.

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

 Uhhhh, ok.

M's picture

It's about time they have this stuff on sale... $150-200$ was just too expensive for me... 

And 30 days was definitely not enough ;P. 

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be glad you dont live in the UK as the Capture Pro on 50% sale works out as over $250 as Phase one add 25% dansih tax on any EU purchase regardless of the country you are actually in.