[Deal] Get A Canon T2i Camera And Pro9000 Printer For Only $399

This is the best deal I have seen in a long time. You can currently get a Canon T2i for $399 after you use the code "S1234567" at Adorama. You can also buy a Canon Pro9000 printer and because you bought it with the camera, you are eligible for a $400 rebate which makes the printer totally free. If you need a camera, printer, or what to make some money reselling this gear, you can't beat a price like that.

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I'm also reading that that code will take of $70 from a T3i and the printer deal still works 

Where did this info originally come from? I attempted to enter the code at the check out but it wouldn't work ("Sorry, we can’t apply this coupon. Please re-enter code:") They do offer a $500 rebate when purchasing the printer together but I'd rather not mess with that.

I'll answer my own question, the reason the code wasn't working was because I had accidentally added a "kit" (with memory card, bag, etc) to my cart rather than just the camera body. Just picked up my t2i for under $400 shipped. Thanks Fstoppers!

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It's a pretty good deal, but for those who are interested, it's just the camera BODY, so make sure you're ok with that

Yes, the image is a bit misleading. This camera does not come with a lens. 

Do you have more information on the printer rebate? Some quick googling didn't turn up much.  Curious if it's US only and if it's legit.


Ah I see, it's an Adorama rebate, not a Canon rebate.  Link in green on the printer page.

Direct link here: http://www.adorama.com/pdfs/rebates/ADORAMA_Pro9000_+_DSLR_03_31_2011.pdf 

To answer the other piece...
"Offer good in the 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, on products purchased by an end-user customer from Adorama or adorama.com only."

Strange combination... US, Columbia, and Puerto Rico but not Canada?

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well the District of Columbia is America and Puerto Rico is essential America too.


Had heard the term District of Columbia before but never in the context of being another name for Washington DC.  Crazy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington,_D.C

Also, very interesting that Puerto Rico is "an unincorporated territory of the United States".Thanks internet, I are smarter because of you :P

What did you think DC stood for?

I did this deal a while back - but not at $399, and i must say - that printer is *massive*. It did not fit on the shelf I had intended it to! On the other hand, it makes great prints. The body-only is not such a bad deal - with the money you save, go and get a used 17-40L!
Actually, I have found a great "kit" lens for the T2i is the 28-105 USM. It's an older film lens, but it is wide-ish at one end, and goes to great portrait range of 105 at the other. 

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 A 17-40L is a waste on a crop body. One of the many 17-50/55 lenses available will be much better.

While it is in some ways just a fancy 18-55, I would respectfully disagree on three counts:

1) internal mechanics - with a UV filter on it, nothing moves during focusing or zooming, great for CPL filters, and I dislike lenses that extend or spin

2) optics are different - while I have not sampled ever 17-55~ish lens out there, I came from Nikon's 18-70 previously, and the wide end of the L lens just seems.. different.. in a good way than the wide on the Nikon. (and that is by no means a shabby lens)

3) upgrading - One day we all dream of shooting APS-H or FF sensors (or film) and it's nice to plan ahead.

To your point tho - 2.8 now in the EF-S 17-55 vs full frame later is not an insignificant thing to consider. If this package is your first DSLR camera ever, then it would be better to go with an 18-55 or 18-135 - but if you are upgrading or switching brands, then you probably already know what you want anyways!

I guess my 16-35 2.8 is a downright tragedy on my XTi.

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i own the canon Pro9000 Printer great prints.head clogged after 35 13x19 prints cleaned it professionally get a epson printer never had a problem canon printers suck .

It's funny, I've had the exact opposite issue. My Epson could not make a clean print to save its life. Had a 9000 for years and never a single problem .

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like to get a new canon pro 9000 printer head any one know ?

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Looks like it either just crashed, or they ran out...

when does this deal end

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Code doesn't seem to work anymore :-(

I just used it with the t3i and the code worked.

I'm a day (literaly) short on this awesome deal. Unlike the pros, who apparently "make some money reselling this gear" I just need the camera!I guess it pays to visit Fstoppers every day. If anyone else sees a sub-$500 t2i deal, PLEASE let me know. Much obliged.