[Deals] Limited Time Save On Sandisk Memory Cards And Pocket Wizards

We are heading into the holiday season which usually means manufacturers and retailers are looking to hook up buyers with some pretty sweet deals. Right now through BHvideo.com you can get some great discounts on Sandisk high speed flash memory cards which are great as newer cameras offer more megapixels and greater video capability. Pocket Wizard is also offering a rebate on their flagship Flex and Mini radio triggers. Check out our Nikon Pocket Wizard Flex and Mini Review to see how far the new line of triggers have come over the industry standard Plus IIs. Act fast because these units rarely go on sale and hold their value really well if you ever need to sell them down the road.

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That's the lames rebate deal ever, it's only available for the Nikon units which were already cheaper to begin with????

Hooraaayy! Another win for the Nikonians!
Kidding man.. why would there be a price difference? 

For those in Europe, Amazon.co.uk are also selling Pocket Wizards for under £100 each, which is quite a bargain when compared to other UK sellers.

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Don't see anything about sales OR discounts.

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The 32 gig cards are now less than $90 and also have a quantity discount.  I just bought a few for like $120 each not too long ago