SanDisk Drops Three New Products at CES 2015

SanDisk Drops Three New Products at CES 2015

Each year over 150,000 people flock to Las Vegas for CES, the world’s largest consumer electronic showcase. Major tech innovators from all over the world kick off the new year by showing off their latest and greatest gadgets and innovations to the public. This year, SanDisk unveiled three new products that are designed to increase your productivity and give your workflow a boost.

This year at CES, SanDisk brought their new, improved Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 for Android devices as well as two brand new solid state drives, their entry level SSD Plus, and the compact Ultra II mSATA SSD.

Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0

The Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 is designed to transfer files between your Android phone and PC or Mac computer. It features a micro-USB drive that transfers files from a smartphone or tablet to the drive, then transfers files to a computer at up to 130MB/s using the drive’s USB 3.0 connector. The Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 is a quick, affordable, and efficient way to transfer mobile content without the use of cords or the presence of both devices at once. The drive is available in 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models which are priced from $22.99 to $64.99.

SSD Plus

SanDisk’s SSD Plus is an entry-level solid state drive (SSD) that is designed for those ready to upgrade from a traditional hard disk drive (HDD) to a faster, more reliable SSD. The drive is up to 23 times faster than a traditional HDD with sequential read speeds up to 520MB/s as well as being shock resistant, quiet, and efficient. It will be available in 120GB and 240GB models which will be priced at $69.99 and $109.99.


The Ultra II mSATA SSD is designed to boost overall system performance in ultra-thin notebooks and tablets. The Ultra II features the same shock resistance, quiet operation, and power efficiency as the SSD Plus with sequential read speeds up to 550MB/s in a much smaller package. The drive will be available in 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB models which will come with a price tag of $73.99, $115.99, and $220.99 respectively.

The Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 is currently available worldwide while the SSD Plus and Ultra II mSATA SSD will be available in Q1 of 2015. More information on the announcements or products can be found in SanDisk’s Official News Releases.

[via SanDisk]

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Spy Black's picture

I wish someone would make a 3+ drive RAID 0 array embedded into a single drive enclosure. That would make for a wicked fast drive in a single package.

Philippe Maurice's picture

i hope that SSD works well with the field recorders !!