An in-Depth Guide to the Best Video Settings for the Sony a7S III

With the increase in complexity of modern cameras, comes a disparity in the output and performance of a camera based on how it has been setup and optimized. Here is a guide to getting the most out of the new Sony video titan.

Sony's newest video-centric camera has been a roaring success. The a7S III has heralded a new level of video on mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras, rivaling far more expensive outfits. The difficulty is, with the depth and customizations available to it, comes the grueling task of setting it up properly.

Sony has — until very recently at least — been infamous for their confusing and disordered menu system. On my Sony cameras, I haven't thought it to be quite as bad as people make out, but it did at times require some time to find the right settings and options. One of the most valuable settings to work on is mapping functions to custom buttons. I have seen huge quality of life gains from adding functions like Eye AF to buttons at the back of the camera. With video, I have setup full profiles on the presets dial and I can't imagine having it any other way.

However, that's the tip of the iceberg with the a7S III. To extract the most out of the camera when it comes to creating high-end video, it is worth watching this in-depth guide which will take you through the menus, features, and settings.

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