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Discount Alert: The Sony a7 III Has Never Been So Cheap

Discount Alert: The Sony a7 III Has Never Been So Cheap

The Sony a7 III is still an incredibly popular camera and that’s probably one reason that it’s held its price for so long — until now. Sony has a number of discounts available at the moment but it’s the price of the a7 III that grabs the headlines. Will you be placing an order?

For what feels like an eternity, the a7 III has maintained its price of $1,998. As predicted following the launch of the new Sony a7C, there’s now a sizable discount available, shaving it by $300 to $1,698.

Canon has the EOS RP ($899) and Nikon has the Z 5 ($1,296.95), so Sony doesn’t have a full frame mirrorless offering that is grabbing customers for its low price. I personally expected the a7C to go head-to-head with Canon and Nikon, but Sony went a different route, trimming down the size and weight of the a7 III to make a very similar camera in a slightly smaller format, perhaps protecting its extensive range of APS-C format cameras.

This still doesn’t quite put the a7 III up against Canon and Nikon’s budget cameras, but it’s still a notable discount, placing it $100 cheaper than the a7C ($1,798).

Sony has made a few other discounts, one of which is the a6000, down from $549 to $399. Check out the full list here.

Will you be placing an order? Let us know in the comments below.

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Charles J's picture

How often are the Sony sales? There was the same discount two weeks ago, so trying to figure out if prices will go lower the closer to traditional black Friday. Looking at two FE G lenses...

Chris Fowler's picture

Any thoughts on how long these discounts will last? I see a few lenses on that list for us APSC guys and I'm particularly tempted by the 10-18mm which is almost never discounted (and is still, admittedly, very damned expensive).

EDWIN GENAUX's picture

Get the 10-18 (15-27mm) APS-C lens AF,IS, Screw on Filters AND works 12- 18mm (remove light shield) in Full Frame mode AND AND it is so SMALL!!! Been using on the A7S since 2014 for Milky Way captures in the 12mm (a fact just learned camera will indicate 12mm but FOV is 18mm). If you use the 12mm NPF rule of 25s you will get pin point stars and no pincushion distortion, this lens was made before the full frames and lenses and today is as good as the 1224 f/4 and f/2.8. Yes f/4 but on the A7s you get daytime at night with stars and at ISO 3200. Great also in museums where sticks not aloud plus a mark ii camera just wow, street shots with no in their face shots with a big tele.

Chris Fowler's picture

I bit the bullet and ordered the lens while this sale is still on. Who knows if it will be cheaper in the future, but I doubt it will get lower for Black Friday or Christmas this year. Thanks!

EDWIN GENAUX's picture

FIRST stop using the word "CHEAP" it is lower price, pricing, $$$, inexpensive etc. Anything Sony is worldly impressive and very fine workmanship and ahead of all others in thought of tools built in on board!!! Any Sony is a prize in the bag!! Like the A7iii "Bright Monitoring" and the lowest $ for IBIS before any normal maker had it, low light equal to the A7S and 10 FPS in Cont. shooting with silent shooting (saving the shutter from breaking) great for hummingbirds. AND if you just get the 1224 and 24240 (360mm in APS-C) you can capture anything anywhere. The best VALUE for the Dollars in your pocket is what the headline should say, NOT CHEAP by ANY MEANS. LASTING VALUE is what the beginners look and research for. The word Cheap says "Good for now but may break soon" or you are Cheap in your own values of things. Say like Time to get Frugal or Economical with your $$ your Dream Wait is OVER!

Maryann Uechtritz's picture

If I were you, I wouldn’t purchase the A7111. I’m not sure but I think it’s actually out of production now even though it’s relatively new. What I am sure of though is Sony is not what it used to be; Manufacture is outsourced to China and Thailand so even though the camera itself is fabulous, there are an increasing number of people, a substantial amount in fact, who have experienced issues with various parts of the camera, primarily the shutter. In my daughter’s case, it was supposedly fixed and then immediately did the same thing. Sony don’t want to know - extremely bad customer service. Google and you will find the global discontent - there are Facebook pages as well, and a register of discontented customers