Eye-Fi Unveils New 16GB Pro X2 Wireless Memory Card

Eye-Fi Unveils New 16GB Pro X2 Wireless Memory Card

Eye-Fi released a new Pro X2 SDHC 16GB Class 10 wireless memory card. The price is set at $99.99, while the price of previous models is reduced by $20.

Detailed specs and press release:

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., October 3, 2012 — Eye-Fi Inc. (www.eye.fi), makers of the world’s first wireless memory card, has announced today a new Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB, Class 10 card that increases both storage and speed capabilities while continuing to deliver convenient, reliable wireless upload of photos and videos from cameras. The new 16GB card provides twice the storage capacity of the prior Pro X2 card, while the Class 10 performance delivers ultra-fast read and write speeds. That means more power and speed for the same retail price of $99.99. And, the new Pro X2, like Eye-Fi’s other X2 series cards, enables you to wirelessly connect a camera to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, or use an authorized WiFi network to move content directly to a computer.

"Cameras have more megapixels, and pictures and videos are more demanding in terms of size. Moving to a 16GB, Class 10 card keeps up with these trends and delivers what our customers have been asking for,” said Yuval Koren, CEO and co-founder of Eye-Fi. “Customers already know and love our Eye-Fi cards for instant wireless uploads, so the added space and faster speeds are a great addition, especially with the highest-volume photo days coming up.”

Anyone with the new 16GB, Class 10 card can immediately use Eye-Fi’s popular features to:

Upload anywhere: users can instantly upload images to their home computer, smartphone or tablet, either connecting wirelessly to the device with Direct Mode or over an authorized WiFi network

Shoot forever with endless memory mode: Cards can be set to automatically free-up space after photos & videos are transferred, so photographers never have to worry about running out of space

Transfer RAW files: as with the prior Pro X2, the highest resolution photos can transfer wirelessly

Back-up automatically: Pictures are safely stored on a home computer or Eye-Fi’s cloud, Eye-Fi View – a great relief if the camera is lost or stolen

Share in real-time: Card can be set to automatically share with selected social networks or photo sharing sites (Facebook, Flickr, etc.)

Geotag pictures immediately: Eye-Fi’s auto WPS Geotagging feature tags photos, allowing users to instantly see where memories were made

Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB card is available for pre-orders that ship within the United States for $99.99 USD from Amazon.com. The card will also be available, within the coming weeks, for customers in Australia for $108.00 AUD and Japan for ¥9980. With the launch of the new Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB card, the previous Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB and the Eye-Fi Mobile X2 8GB will be reduced from $99.99 to $79.99 and $79.99 to $59.99, respectively, starting this month. For more information, visit www.eye.fi.

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I shoot RAW tethered when using studio gear for fire performance photography, hooked up to a projector so the images are visible live as they come in to the audience. The limiting factor is my 15 foot (maximum allowed by spec) USB cable, and the speed at which USB can transfer 14-bit RAW images. If I can ditch the USB, have my primary card recording the RAW shots and this card pulling jpgs over to the computer for temporary viewing, that'd be a game changer in terms of speed and mobility. Hmmm...

 you can use RJ45 adapters to ad more length, a photog in my city uses 45ftlong wire to connect on a vertical rig

Please explain. This sounds fantastic. Even an extra 5 feet would make a huge difference. To my knowledge USB 2 doesn't support anything over 15 feet though, and I'd like to avoid steep transfer speed drop off.

I have been using the older Eye fi cards in direct mode for over a year with both Lightroom and Capture One. Set the programs to watch folder and shoot. Files show up pretty fast. The eyefi card can transfer both raw and jpegs at the same time or only transfer the jpegs and store the raw.

I would just buy one and see for yourself. It was a game changer for me.

i have the 8GB pro X2, memory space is not an issue, the transfer speed was (im talking about direct mode, never tried the other mode), and if i was previewing the pictures on the camera, because of how slow it was, the transfer would stop. Not denying that it IS a game changer, people were so amazed by it that they never realized that it was slow, but i realized how much time i waste just waiting for pictures to upload.

i dont know how it exactly works, but i tend to think that if its twice the memory size, so its bound to have consumed more space within the card, therefore there will be less space for a better antenna... this really could a business strategy... i would not know. but i was hoping for a faster direct mode.

Do they have a reason for not doing CF cards as well? Canon 6D now has built in wifi & GPS and an app to view and manipulate them. I'm not sure Eye fi has long to live if they start putting that in all their bodies. I'll be it will be in their next Rebel body at the very least if not all the next bodies. (maybe not the big MP one coming soon though)

 Their argument has always been that CF media will soon be retired.  I think it's a big mistake on their part but then again, none of my current DSLRS use CF at all. 

 Yeah, seems like they are missing out on half the market. Their loss I guess. You'd think they'd at least make a CF adapter that you could slide a SD card into.

i use direct mode and its very fast. I was shooting at a trade  show this year and the shots were appearing almost instant on my laptop. I was transferring full jpegs from my fuji x100. I never bothered with raw because I had the cheaper card that didn't transfer raw files. I'm sure this new one will do very well for me.