Five Amazing Filmmaking Items You Can Buy for $60 or Less

With photography and videographing trying to assault your bank account at every turn, it's nice to know there are some brilliant purchases you can make without the pain of the financial hit!

Regular readers of my articles might have noticed I've moved in to videography more over the last year or so. It was a natural progression with work I wanted to do not always being fulfilled by stills work. That, and I've always had a love for high-end cinematography and always wanted to try my hand at creating it. That said, it's an expensive genre to step in to. Some of the areas I can blend with my stills work (like my a7 III, but other things like gimbals and microphones are purely geared towards video, and that can be expensive.

I love videos like this one, because so much of what we do as photographers and videographers can be achieved with out spending tens of thousands on the newest kit. My particular highlight of this video (if you'll excuse the pun), is his cheap light. I've always said "light is light"; some of my most complexly lit commercial images that have proven to be my post popular and successful in adverts, were done with LED torches, strip lights, and household items.

I don't always do this when reposting content I find and enjoy, so please don't discard this as a courtesy. If you're into creating video content, YCImaging is a great YouTube channel. He's a talented guy, knowledgeable, and very open about his process so check him out.

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I'll save you the trouble.
1) Backpack
2) Tac star Microphone
3) battery powered stick light.
4) Zecti 15 inch Slider
5) helios lens

Thanks. What brand/model backpack?

I don't remember but it was the very fist item.

Simon Patterson's picture

Thank you. I find it interesting that people who link to their own videos will usually put this kind of summary list in their supporting article, but when people post videos by others (as is the case here), they fail to do so. I presume it's due to some kind of misplaced over-virtuousness.

C Fisher's picture

I think it's more not wanting to be accused of plagiarism.

Simon Patterson's picture

That would be an extremely long bow to draw.

They will have referral links - reason to create and post the video.

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There's no reason the writer can't also put the list in the article too, including the original referral links.

Could you provide a list and links for the things recommended? Thanks.

Tarion M-02 (Backpack) -
Takstar SGC-598 (Mic) -
LMTIC Cabinet Light (Light) -
Zecti 15.7 Slider (Slider) -
Helios 44M-4 58MM f/2 (Lens) -
EF Helios Adapter -
Sony E-Mount Helios Adapter -

Thank you. Wonderful!!

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Thank you for posting the list with the YouTuber's affiliate links in tact.