Flagship Power: A Long-Term Review of the Fuji X-T3

The Fuji X-T3 is one of the latest powerhouses in the company's line of highly popular cameras, and with it comes a plethora of features that have attracted both photographers and videographers. Is it right for you? This great video review takes a very practical look at the camera after long-term usage.

Coming to you from GxAce, this excellent video review takes a look at the Fuji X-T3 with an emphasis on practical usage over specs. While many photographers absolutely love the retro design of the cameras that puts essential parameters in easily accessible mechanical controls, the thing I have begun to appreciate more and more about Fuji's bodies is just how remarkably portable they are given how capable they have become. It was not that long ago that an APS-C camera was generally decidedly a notch below its full frame cousins when it came to capabilities, but Fuji is making a strong case for forgoing full frame altogether with this camera, especially with its professional-level capabilities and performance that rival and often surpass those of full frame offerings at a very competitive price. Check out the review above to see if it's the camera for you. 

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Stuart Carver's picture

The next generation of XT is certainly going to be interesting.

El Dooderino's picture

The X-T30 looks interesting as well.

Actually from a technical stand point it is nearly as good as the X-T3 in a even more compact form factor. I am about to make the jump from full frame to Fuji and would love to get the X-T30 as I can live with the restrictions in video mode and continuous shooting, but there are a couple of drawbacks in the body design.

First: The placement of the Q button on the thumb rest is awful. It's so bad that Fuji released a firmware update that allows you to disable it.

Second: The left wheel is a mode dial, instead of an ISO dial as in the X-T3. With the wheels mode dials are absolutely superfluous if you are not a total beginner.

Third: No D-pad, which means you are loosing 4 customizable buttons. I could live with that, however as the Q button is unusable this makes it worse.

Fourth (and that is the worst thing in my opinion): The off-center tripod mount which is extremely close to the battery door. You cannot keep standard plates mounted and access the battery door. An absolute fail in my view. The best workaround are custom grip plates, but then it's no longer more compact than the X-T3 and I want to use my peak design capture plate and not just any Arca Swiss mount.

blessing x's picture

Don’t forget the EVF differences, for many the biggest separation between the models.

Stuart Carver's picture

My advice would be to go with the XT3 if you can stretch.. I use the XT2 and wouldn’t change the body style for the world.. huge EVF, loads of custom buttons, the d-pad, all the bracketing features built in, infinity interval shooting (great for time lapse), the extended grip is useful, the larger lenses don’t feel massive on it.

This isn’t a slant at the XT-30, I’d love one of those too but there are differences from an ergonomics point of view.

Yes, that's where I will likely end up.

El Dooderino's picture

Thanks for the reply. I'm an "amateur enthusiast" who shoots with Canon now, but may want to dip my toes into the mirrorless world at some point. The Fuji cameras seem to get pretty good reviews (NO camera is 100% perfect) and they also seem reasonably priced. The X-T3 is on my short list for sure. I'm also looking at the X-100F.

Are you me??? ;-)

Same here... Still shooting my trusty old Canon 6D and then I got the X-100F.... I absolutely love it. I've been in Paris and only had the X100F with me. Now the Canon is hardly taken off the shelf anymore.

P.S.: It's rumored that the X100V will be released soon next year.

El Dooderino's picture

Thanks for the heads up! It's still early in my decision process so I may wait to see about a possible X100V!

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There's more!

Not sure where the info's coming from, apart from the Bald Man, but xt30 apparently has less processing threads, so it might be slower then xt3. Can't be asked to do the research tho, maybe someone can prove me wrong.

No tethering!

No battery grip!

I actually dislike the new, less responsive Q from the updated firmware. I was just getting used to handling the camera in a way where I wasn't pressing it at all...

Don't get me wrong, I'm extremely happy with what that little bugger can do, and you can go wrong with the price... but my next buy is surely the higher tier camera.


In the next generations of XT camera they will say you don’t need a medium format camera too ...🙂

Some nice footage and stills in that review.