Fstoppers Reviews the Cecilia Black Leather Camera Strap

Fstoppers Reviews the Cecilia Black Leather Camera Strap

There are many different ways to carry a camera with you, and depending on how you do carry the camera or even multiple cameras could determine what accessories you might need to help you out with that. As I typically strap my camera around my neck or occasionally crossbody, the standard manufacture strapped that comes with the camera does the job, but it's not quite as comfortable as I would like. I am also one of those photographers that don't like to advertise which camera I have on me when I am walking around so that was another reason for me to ditch the manufacture strap that 's included in the box. With so many choices on the market, what's a good camera strap to get?

With the standard strap that came with the camera out of the question for me, I have been using a neoprene strap did its job over the past few years, but its life was coming to an end and it was time to get a new one. I was able to get my hand on one of the latest camera straps from Cecilia which offers a variety of straps for DSLR, mirrorless, medium format, and film camera systems. I decided to go with a classic look and went with the Cecilia Black Leather Camera Strap, if you don’t like the sleek black leather look there are several different styles available. There are some straps designed with patterns if that is something you like, but that's not for me. I currently do not have a need to holster several cameras on me, so a basic camera strap works for my current needs.

The first thing I noticed once the strap arrived and I opened the package, is the appearance of a well-made camera strap. The strap’s interior is made up of nylon webbing running through the ends to reinforce its strength while the exterior is wrapped in full-grain Argentinian cowhide leather giving its refined look that's rated to handle over 250 lbs. For added security measure, an anti-slip suede patch is added to the middle of the strap. To finish off, metal sliders and keepers are added to the strap for a well-balanced classy look. 

Over the past few weeks, I have used the Cecilia black leather strap attached to my Canon 6D for several different shoots including some indoor and outdoor. I also attended different types of events to provide coverage like car shows and conventions as well as a wedding with various lenses attached changing the weight in my setup without any issues. While the summer temperatures have mostly passed, it hasn’t been exactly cool the entire time down here either and I wasn't bothered by the leather strap in our Texas heat. I know that might be a concern to some but the leather strap hasn't bothered me. The Cecilia black leather strap was longer in length than my previous neoprene strap which is a positive in my book as it made it easier to switch between positions around the neck and over the shoulder. I tend to switch from carrying the camera back and forth in those two positions when moving equipment or other tasks while keeping the camera on me. Occasionally I carry the camera just over the shoulder but I tend to worry it will be easier to fall off. While carrying the camera just over the shoulder, the Cecilia camera strap did keep my camera in place. The anti-slip suede patch did its job well keeping the camera in place as I moved around. For those that are curious, the Cecilia strap has an adjustable length of 26 inches up to 52 inches (67 cm - 134 cm).

Build Quality

The Cecilia black leather strap is very well made. The stitching is solid, no frays or imperfections that I could find throughout the entire strap. It's not a formal test, but I pulled and yanked on the leather strap to test its strength and durability which showed no signs of stress afterward. The leather is soft to the touch, yet feel very sturdy and durable. I feel very confident that the Cecilia strap will last for a while without issues.

What I Liked

  • Looks. I am a fan of simple, this is exactly that with a classy, elegant look with very soft leather.

  • Length. As I mentioned before, the previous strap I was using was shorter compared to the Cecilia strap. The adjustable length is an added plus in my books making it easier to switch around how it can be worn.

  • Quality. It’s well made, there’s no denying that. The leather itself is soft, the stitching is perfect, and the anti-slip suede patch is the icing on the cake.

  • Ease. At the end of the day, it’s a simple camera strap that's easy to use without a complicated setup.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Stiffness. Coming from a neoprene strap, the leather strap with nylon webbing interior is a bit stiffer than I am accustomed to. However, I am positive this strap will last several times longer than my previous strap.

  • Price. With the amazing quality and detail put into this strap while using premium materials, a premium price tag also comes along. There are many options of straps out in the market, with many of them coming in at a much lower price point, but good straps are worth the money especially when their job is to hold our expensive camera equipment. This particular strap comes in at $84.


The Cecilia black leather camera strap is a great quality strap that I can comfortably trust to secure my gear around my neck or over my shoulder with a great look. I am very pleasured with the strap and find myself looking at a few other straps like their Black Baby Alpaca Wool with the black leather strap or one of the two gray wool straps (charcoal and light gray). Hey, I like simple. If you would like patterns or would like other colors, make sure to check out one of their several designs available online at Cecilia. If you are looking for just a simple yet well-made camera strap, give their line a look and see if they have one that fits your style.

Photos of me wearing the strap are by Nino Batista.

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Staff writer Alex Ventura is a professional photographer based out of the Houston area that specializes in automotive and glamour with the occasional adventures into other genres. He regularly covers automotive related events for Houston Streets & Spekture with some publications in the United States.

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I am known for not liking third party straps. I feel like the ones that come in the box are fine. But this one actually looks plain but classy enough that I actually like it.

84 bucks ? dam.

84 bucks? herd.
84 beavers? dam.

Do professionals actually permanently attach a strap to a camera? ;-) These things are handy for occasional shooters, I think. Shooting every day with a strap like that, the leather soaks up your sweat, and over time starts to stink! Synthetic straps can be thrown in the wash. ;-)

Optech, and the now defunct Camera Caddy, of which I've had a synthetic strap since the '80s! It's still my primary strap. Optech has a series of straps with a springy foam neoprene that acts as a shock absorber, which is sometimes handy for heavier setups.

I only really use straps if I expect to be changing lenses a lot, in event-type situations. I have D-type rings on the cameras that allow me to clip and remove the straps quickly. I mostly work without a strap.

Vintage 1990ies Nikon AN-6 all the way; my all time favorite strap. Thick, soft synthetic fabric and a nice breathable, soft and sweat-absorbing wash leather as anti-slip padding. Very broad and comfortable and tolerates machine wash easily. Two nice colors: Nikon yellow with black details (AN-6Y) and burgundy with yellow details (AN-6W).

Unfortunately the still manufactured AN-6 straps had the nice wash leather replaced with some ugly, coarse but non-breathable plastic sheeting. Not worth buying. If you want the real one with the wash leather you got to hunt for used ones. Stainless steel gliders for strap length adjustment rather than plastic ones usually indicate the 'good old quality'.

Haven't ever looked any further after discovering the 1990ies style AN-6 back in the days.

I’m all PeakDesign now. I have the “Slide” and it’s frankly one of the most thoughtful straps I have used to date. Love the quick slide-adjustment and the modular connection system just can’t be beat when you quickly want to get the camera off the strap.

Ease of removal is critical. We switch between rapid straps, optechs and wrist straps but they all work with some sort of quick connect. The reviewed strap looks like something for doctors and lawyers IMHO....

Why not just get a customized leather strap on Etsy for $35?

Yet another pricey fashion accessory for a camera. As a working pro, I've been using OpTechUSA neoprene straps for 20 years, and I still use the first one I bought. The stretchy neoprene greatly reduces the felt weight, and the modular system of straps and connectors lets me swap a shoulder strap for a shorter neck strap or a sling or a wrist strap or a chest harness as needed. The stuff lasts forever, is cheap, and just works. And, there are no little metal bits to scratch my camera. I hate little metal bits on straps. With a passion.
"To finish off, metal sliders and keepers are added to the strap for a well-balanced classy look."
Bzzzzzt. Wrong answer.

Like many "hip" photography accessories, it is of course pricey.