Fstoppers Reviews the Moment Crossbody Wallet and Fanny Sling

Fstoppers Reviews the Moment Crossbody Wallet and Fanny Sling

Moment, best known for their high end phone lenses, have recently released new bags and wallets. Most notably the new Fanny Sling and Crossbody Wallet. Join me as I dive deep into the pros and cons of each item. 

The Crossbody Wallet

the Moment Cross-Body Wallet with two Moment Lenses stuck inside of it

The Crossbody Wallet is a small bag designed to hold things like cash, your phone, notes etc. Something like this is perfect for film shooters who want to hold a notebook and pen to take notes, or (how I use it) to hold my Moment Lenses along with a lens pen to keep things clean and free of moisture.  

The wallet that I have is made of a nice terracotta-colored canvas that feels durable and seems like over the years it will get "weathered" rather than worn down, helping it look all the more impressive. The wallet is also available in black leather, tan leather, and nylon ripstop (which is vegan) Moment did a great job on this bag in particular, in my opinion. It's trendy, on-brand, and if you already have any sort of phone lenses it makes the camera you have with you even better by making you want to bring you lenses for a different focal length than the one provided by your phone. The case comes with two straps - one for holding it across your body and one that is smaller and a more handbag-esque style. I much prefer the cross body strap so I can get it out of my way and concentrate on what I'm doing. Be it running for the bus, shooting, or playing Pokemon Go. I find that the Crossbody wallet is a fantastic everyday carry, while the fanny sling is a little more specialized. 

The Fanny Sling

Moment's new Fanny Sling is extremely trendy. Wearing a fanny pack as a sling backpack has been big in streetstyle in 2019 and the new sling from Moment is right on trend. The sling is a lot bigger than the Crossbody Wallet, but because of this, it holds more. A lot more. While the wallet is full after a couple of phone lenses and a lens pen with some cards/cash — the Fanny Sling is big enough to hold a full street shooter kit. It can hold my Fuji X-T3 with 23mm f/2.0 plus the 56mm f/1.2 at the same time. The sling has a second pouch that is designed for the Moment lenses, but you can also take the dividers out and stick some memory cards, batteries, or some lens pens in there. One thing that the sling has that the Wallet doesn't, is that it has a built-in lens cloth, making cleaning your lenses so simple I can't even think of a metaphor.  

While my copy of the Fanny Sling is made out of a vegan ripstop nylon material, it is also available in black, and terracotta canvas with leather accents which, in my opinion, look far better. 

What I Liked

The Crossbody Wallet

  • Sleek
  • Rugged feeling
  • Able to hold my phone lenses, cash, and credit cards
  • Great for traveling

The Fanny Sling

  • Able to hold a mirrorless camera
  • Doesn't look like a camera bag
  • Canvas/leather version is beautiful
  • Feels very durable

What I Didn't Like

The Crossbody Wallet

  • I wish it was just a little bit taller to hold a passport comfortably
  • If the ripstop version is like The Fanny Sling it will feel a little cheap

The Fanny Sling

  • The ripstop nylon feels a little cheap
  • It's a very particular style that some people can rock but I cannot
  • Not much structure to the bag so when it's empty it looks deflated.


In conclusion, both of these new items from Moment are great ways to carry your gear, and scratch the bag-collectors itch that many photographer's have. What's even better is these bags are weather-resistant so you don't have to worry about your precious items getting wet during a downpour. Though I wouldn't recommend going swimming with either of these bags, it's a nice touch to add to the premium feel.

The Moment Crossbody Wallet is available for 54.99 USD and the Fanny Sling is 69.99 USD

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Mr Hogwallop's picture

I am not sure, but why is FStopper now reviewing fanny packs...?

Simon Patterson's picture

I'm tipping they'll rebrand them to be called something else in Australia...

Kevin Harding's picture

The Fanny Sling is an absolutely *hilarious* name if you're British (or Irish or an Aussie or a Kiwi etc. etc.). Amazing.

Marcus Joyce's picture

Didn't irn bru have an advert about naming a child "fanny". Comes from a long line of "fannies".

Marcus Joyce's picture

This won't even fit a basic a7riv and 400mm f2.8...

LA M's picture


A couple of things....

These type of "carriers" are not flattering for the typical out of shape big bellied photographer. Just think of the last time you saw someone wearing a fanny pack....

And TWO...Moment is a partner of UNSPLASH....nuff said?

John Alexander's picture

If the Wallet interests you, definitely check out the Peak Design "Field Pouch", which is a VERY similar design. But roomier, cheaper (if you have a Peak strap) and better fabric/colors.

Mr Blah's picture

"Crossbody wallet"....

They really go out of their way to not say "man purse" don't they? Men are that fragile?