Fstoppers Reviews the Moment Sling Bag

Fstoppers Reviews the Moment Sling Bag

Most of us have a camera bag or even several bags that we use depending on the shoot we’ve got to pack for. But it’s not every day a brand makes a bag that makes you think differently about your day out shooting.

Moment has released two models of their sling bags, a 10 L sling bag, and one 6 L bag.

Why Is This Different Than a Regular Sling?


It’s designed for camera gear, which means the actual sling that goes around your body will not bend the bag, so your gear stays protected and unbent.

We usually have black or gray interior paneling and lining in our bags; it's almost like a tradition. They made theirs orange. Why? It’s about the contrast. It makes your cables and smaller items more visible at the bottom of the bag.


The bags are made from recyclable materials, and it not only feels good wearing it physically, but it also gives some clarity of mind knowing you are using a future up-cyclable piece of gear while adding value to your community and market doing what you love.

It’s in the Details

It’s got magnetic clasps. It feels so good when they stick, and you can rest assured they’ll remain fastened. It’s quality engineering used well. The bag also passes the "stand-up-by-itself" test and swings around smoothly so you can get to the item you need out quickly.

Both of the bags can also carry a 11-inch iPad, so it’s great for the modern photographer going out shooting for the day. It’s got two straps at the bottom so you can carry a tripod too, which can also go around my bike’s back panel, which makes going around the city a pleasure. And there is a strap to secure the bag even more around your body, and it can be swapped around if you're left-handed and sling it around the other way. 

What I Liked

It’s small, light, and easy to pick up and get on your back. Searching for something inside is easy too, and it’s incredible that almost no other bag maker has thought about using contrast to make things more visible. It’s something photographers and videomakers think about every time they shoot.

I think a $100 for a 6 L bag and $149.99 for a 10 L bag is very reasonable, and it’s something I would consider when I’m in the market for a bag next time.

What I Didn’t Like

Although I don’t always do it, I like carrying my laptop with me in my bag. This bag is not designed for that. I do always have my iPad with me now, so it’s really not needed, and perhaps it’s just my ability to accept change that needs some work and not the sling that needs change.


I think Moment will make more bags in the future. And I am excited to see what they’ll bring to the photography community. I think the direction they’re going in, where there is a good balance between price and quality, is an exciting one, and that too makes me want to wear the bag with pride.

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Carla Mills's picture

I have no idea what this bag looks like on a person and no link to a website. Off to Google, if I don't forget. C-

chrisrdi's picture

This bag is very similar the Version 2 peak designs everyday sling 10L bag sans the magnetic clasps (that I would warn against) and a couple other things. In my experience the magnetic clasps never hold on and end up just flapping around while you walk. Other than that I'm sure this is a solid bag that is very comparable to the PD bag. Below is an image of the peak design 10L to give you an idea of what this bag might look like on your person. Compare both the peak and the moment bag to see which you prefer. PD also offers a 3L version if you need a REALLY small bag lol. The pricing on these bags vs the PD bags is pretty much exactly the same. I love that there is another company getting into the arena of minimalist design camera bags. Good for competition. PD also offers some pretty good back packs too.

One thing to note about the PD bag is that it has a "quick tighten/loosen" strap (that works pretty well) that I'm not sure if you can swap from left handed to right handed. I have the V1 bag and I can't swap strap positions unless I'm completely missing something.

This is a link to the PD 10L bag so you can compare.


Wouter du Toit's picture

Hello Carla, we're updating with links, but for the here are the links anyway: https://www.shopmoment.com/shop/moment-rugged-camera-sling/10l and https://www.shopmoment.com/shop/moment-rugged-camera-sling/6l

Matt Rennells's picture

1) If you're reviewing a bag, it helps to show what fits in it? Can I put my gripped full frame DSLR and 70-200 in it? Or is it just for someone with a small Fuji or Leica system 2) Spot healing brush in Photoshop does wonders on lint stuck to the bag -- or you know -- a lint roller.

Jose Cervantes's picture

I have the 6L and can fit my Mamiya C330, or my Hasselblad 2kfcm with filters (can't fit my rb67 tho ha ha)

Matt Rennells's picture

Thanks for a rough idea of things. This has to be like the 4th of 5th camera bag review that I've seen on fstoppers that doesn't show any gear in the bag.

Deleted Account's picture

Probably because you can't fit a lot in there, especially as it is a 'sling bag'. Probably really only good for a day bag with a small camera, and a small lens. Not much room for anything else.

"Both of the bags can also carry a 11-inch iPad, so it’s great for the modern photographer going out shooting for the day."

What modern photographer wants to be bothered with a lot of gear these days!

Matt Rennells's picture

I would think then if it is very limited on space that saying what does and doesn't fit would be even more important. I know everything will fit in a ThinkTank airport roller, but for something this small, how small is it?

Jose Cervantes's picture

Here's a pic of my hasselblad in the 6L. Hopefully that give you an idea of what you can fit in it.

Jonathan Stewart's picture

It's on back-order until August.