Is Fuji About to Cancel the X-H2 and Ditch the Entire X-H Line of Cameras?

Is Fuji About to Cancel the X-H2 and Ditch the Entire X-H Line of Cameras?

Rumors are circulating that Fujifilm will not be releasing the X-H2, choosing instead to cancel the entire line of X-H cameras. Is this because the X-T3 is simply too good?

Fujiaddict reported a few days ago that a source at Fujifilm had been in touch to say that the X-H2 will never reach the shelves because it “isn’t a unique enough product to sell well,” and that Fuji regards it as a mistake. Much of this might be down to the overwhelming success of the Fuji X-T3 which has proven so popular since it was announced in September last year.

With its larger body, the X-H1 featured five-axis in-body stabilization, one of the few aspects felt to be lacking in the smaller X-T3. Announced in February last year, the X-H1 contained the older X-Trans III processor, technology that was surpassed by the X-T3’s brand new X-Trans IV processor just seven months later.

As well as the backside-illuminated sensor, the X-T3 offered vastly improved autofocus (particularly eye autofocus), better burst performance, and significantly superior video specifications. 

So where does this leave Fuji in terms of a flagship APS-C camera? The X-H1 was a slightly larger body to better accommodate larger lenses and make room for IBIS. Does this mean that we might see dramatic changes when the X-T4 is announced? If Fuji plans to shift IBIS over to the X-T line, the X-H line does seem to be somewhat redundant, although the size of the X-T body will almost certainly need to be increased. This would allow for a larger battery, at least — one of the few criticisms to be leveled at the X-T3.

It may be completely unrelated, but B&H Photo only has one X-H1 option available at the moment. You can buy it with the 90mm lens and battery grip, but all of the other buying options — including body only — are currently listed as discontinued. It's not unusual for some bundles to be discontinued, but the body only option disappearing is slightly odd.

What do you think? Would Fuji be right to ditch the X-H line? Should Fuji make the X-T4 bigger and incorporate IBIS? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Andy Day is a British photographer and writer living in France. He began photographing parkour in 2003 and has been doing weird things in the city and elsewhere ever since. He's addicted to climbing and owns a fairly useless dog. He has an MA in Sociology & Photography which often makes him ponder what all of this really means.

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What's really going to happen is that Fuji is going to sell it's APS-C line to Olympus and buy Olympus' micro-fourthirds line. After this an investment group will buy both companies for their patents and spin out a merged Fujympus brand that will pivot to making smart phones with mediocre cameras. Google will then buy the entire thing and kill it a year later.

You heard it here first.

Interesting theory. But then "theories" are like noses... everybody has one. :)

Bad decision if true imo, they should have a full sports orientated camera in the X-H2. The X-H1 gets a lot of bad press because of the timing when in fact its a perfectly good camera with some great features.

I know ill be circling like a vulture when they are on the used market for next to nothing.

It would be a shame to lose the form factor of the XH-2 but can see why Fuji would look to combine the XT and XH range. The size and IBIS were great for video, but the specs of the XT-3 blew it out the water. There is very little reason to purchase the XH-2 unless IBIS for photography is a key factor for you when the 3 exists at a lower price point (at time of purchase). Bring on the 6k60p and turn these wee cameras into mini SH1's.

Andy, I don't see why the addition of IBIS would mean a bigger body. My Olympus OMD 10 ii was a lot smaller than the XT3, and it had great 5 axis IBIS.

OMD has a M43 sensor while the XT3 is APS-C.

Your comparison makes no sense.

M43 sensor is a lot smaller and made room for IBIS, also made the smaller IBIS more effective.

This would be such a mistake. I bought the X-T3 and was somewhat disappointed with the camera. I exchanged it for the X-H1 and I couldn't be happier. I prefer the low light images of the X-Trans sensor and the ergonomics of the camera are superb. The shutter button is an absolute DELIGHT, its position is much more comfortable, and it's dampened. Furthermore, the camera is much more balanced with larger lenses. I found myself suffering from lots of motion blur on the X-T3 with larger lenses. It just didn't feel comfortable. They make so many similar cameras at this point, if one absolutely has to go, I hope it's not the X-H line. Perhaps they could do more to set the X-H line apart from the T. Bigger batter, IBIS, full-frame? If you haven't used it and are in the market for a great Fuji body, it's a great camera at a bargain price right now.

In a shrinking market product diversification kills profitability since it stretches cost of production. Getting rid of 2 products that can be folded into one makes perfect sense. The XE line seems to be going away and being replaced bt the cheaper XA, the XH by probably a beefier XT, and XPro going 'upscale' (aka expensive) to cover for it's small production volume. As someone who spends his 9-5 calculating profitability, it's all falling into place as the company shifts to reduce cost in face of a slowing market.

Makes sense. It wasn't selling well until perhaps now, after the price cut against initial reviews dumping on it. Besides Fuji has too many cameras. Cut, consolidate, or sink

Keeping or not keeping X-H line is fine by me, but squeezing IBIS into X-T line and makes them bigger/heavier will lose me forever.

Balderdash. There will be an X-H2. You don't build a lens like the 200mm f2 and then not build a super-fast camera to support it. Honestly though, if I could get the AF in the X-T3 as a firmware upgrade in my X-H1, I'd probably not upgrade to an X-H2.

I. Hope. So.

I think a lot of people purchased the XT-3 because it was smaller and lighter. I tried the XH-1 and felt it was just too big and heavy and that stupid lcd screen on top was beyond dumb. Put the dial back. I think IBIS might be nice but I am not missing it now. And I would really regret increasing the size and weight of the next XT-4 just for IBIS.

This makes a lot of sense to me.
I was always confused as to why Fuji couldn't just merge the ergonomics/IBIS of the X-H series with the photo, video, and focusing capabilities of the X-T series and just make an X-n camera. They're reaching a point of necessary convergence as the upcoming X-T4 pretty much has to have IBIS or they could be considered "behind the times."
Improving stills image quality, video specs, and focusing would all be great, but not super necessary. Regardless, it makes less and less sense to buy an X-H camera if most of its features would be able to be found in an X-T camera. Between sales cannibalization and redundant manufacturing, ditching the X-H series for consolidation into the X-T series makes perfect sense in the consideration of the inevitable future feature sets.

X-H1 was the best of the bunch for me.
But hey, I'm out of Fuji now so don't matter one bit.

I suspect that the poor sales of the X-H1 are due to the fact that the innards of the XT-3 are, simply put, better in a great many ways. The timing of those two releases was terrible- they should have held off on the X-H1 until they could get the XT-3 system into it. Or immediately incorporated the guts of the XT-3 and just called it the X-H2.

Too much diversification isn't great for economies of scale, but writing off the sport and wildlife folks might be a rather significant error, Deep sixing the X-H line amounts to, more or less, doing just that.

Only an X-H1 type body is really suited to the 100-400 or the 200mm lenses. I've shot a 300mm on an old praktica and it doesn't feel great. You need that Canonesque deep grip. I'm switching to Fuji very soon (I just sold my entire series of Canon L glass, including the 100-400) and I'm waiting to see how the X-Pro 3 shakes out before I choose between that and the XT-3. I'm buying the X-H1 as well, because when I want to strap the massive glass on it (which I'm also intending to get) neither the XT-3 nor the X-Pro 3 re going to fly.

Certainly hope this isn't going to happen -- the X-H1 suffered because Fuji introduced it at a premium price very shortly before introducing their much improved next-gen X-Trans hardware in every other body style except for the X-H line. What did they _think_ would happen?

Meantime, as other commenters note the X-H1 is better balanced with larger lenses, and personally I just prefer its feel overall. Top display is convenient too.

The X-H1 also offers one more huge advantage: 100Hz EVF refresh without a boost grip. I found that the X-H1 is actually smaller than an X-T2 with a boost grip, so was extremely happy to move to it and would be quite unhappy to have to go back to using a boost grip to get 100Hz on a newer X-Tranks sensor (saw far too much strobing of moving subjects in the X-T default 60Hz EVF).

Fuji, if you're listening, how about introducing the X-H2 _before_ the other bodies this time around? But in any case _please_ don't kill the line!

The entire line of one camera ... The XH1 is better in many ways than the XT3, not being as popular doesn't change this. Many will opt for what the likes of Tony Northcorrupt suggest, but for those who know what they want,. the H1 has a nicer shutter, it's got much better ergonomics, obviously Ibis and it produces a cleaner image at higher ISO.

You are really a strange "pro" photographer ! Don't you know you must only follow the wise voices of influencers and buy every new device that is praised by them ?
Why dare you pretend the X-H is better than its X-T3 brother ? Didn't you listen to the loud voice telling you/us X-H is a dude and the X-T3 is far far far far so far better it is a whole new world of photography ??? It isn't even imaginable you can get a decent picture with that gear, so how dare you not replace that lousy XH for a XT3 ??

OMG ! why do some lost customers not blindly follow the marketing and the hype ??

Most will pray for your soul, hoping in silence you will start buying latest gear every year again !


Its all good though, the internet keeps twisting the knife in and soon enough ill be able to pick one up in like new condition for £450.

It'd be really sad if this was the case. I use my X-H1 every day, over my X-T2. Mainly two things. 1. Great grip on the camera. 2. IBIS is amazing for handheld macro shots. Also love the trigger and overall 'feel'. If it is no more, hoping a least IBIS will appear in future releases since the grip can always be sorted with 3rd party attachments I guess...


I'm 90% confident that Fuji is dropping the XH line. In Canada, as of Dec 1st, 2019, Henrys only has 1 XH1 in stock in their head store out of about 20 stores that they have, which tells me they're not ordering any replacements as they deplete their inventory, and based on black friday/christmas shopping season, for them to not stock any xh1's, it is highly likely that it's not selling at all and Fuji doesnt make them anymore to supply the market.

Disappointing if true, but also seems likely. The only thing that doesn't quite as up here is that they've gone to a flippy screen on the X-T4, which isn't nearly as good as tilt for a pure stills shooter. Perhaps Fuji is betting that those pure still shooters are happier with a range finder form factor like the X Pro 3, but not me. If this does prove true, I may well be hunting for an X-H1. Had my eye on it for months, but held off due to budget and wanting more from the eye auto focus. I'm a bit of a shaky shooter, so IBIS makes sense for me, but not with a flippy screen.