Is Fuji About to Release the X-T4 and Two Other New Cameras?

Is Fuji About to Release the X-T4 and Two Other New Cameras?

It appears that Fuji may have a busy couple of months coming up, with rumors that the X-T4, X100V, and X-T200 may be announced as soon as February 4. Is Fuji beginning to match Sony’s aggressive release schedule? Will we see some major changes to the successor of the incredibly popular X-T3?

FujiAddict reports that the X-T4 will be ⅓ of an inch thicker and up to 5 oz heavier than its predecessor, also touting 6K 60p with 10-bit internal recording and a fully articulating screen. The larger size would make sense, as the smart money is betting on the X-T4 having in-body image stabilization, one of the few features that videographers felt was missing from the X-T3. It would also accommodate a larger battery, which will be greatly welcomed by Fuji shooters used to carrying a handful of NP-W126S batteries with them, a model that’s been used across a wide range of Fuji bodies for several years now.

The number of features that Fuji plans to pack into this body might give us a real indication of whether the X-H2 will ever come to market. In November last year, we reported that introducing IBIS to the X-T4 would make the X-H line seem somewhat redundant, and the X-T4 may become Fuji’s flagship APS-C sensor camera.

Also expected is the launch of the X100V, the fifth iteration of Fuji’s premium compact camera. Following Fuji’s pattern of releases, the X100V might well have been expected this time last year, but Fuji held off. The new version is expected to have a brand new 23mm lens to match the improvements to the sensor and command a premium price tag of around $1,500. Will it also contain a new battery and the X-Trans IV processor?

The third model due for release is the X-T200, which is thought to be an entry-level APS-C camera that is similar to the Fuji X-A7, albeit with a viewfinder, and successor to the X-T100.

What should we expect from Fuji’s trio of cameras slated for February? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Marcus Joyce's picture

Id love somebody to give me a Fuji. I can't justify buying it. That xa7 visually looks very appealing

Ryan Luna's picture

You say that as though you currently have people that tend to give you $1000+ cameras. Nice.

Marcus Joyce's picture

Id give it back. Honest!

Alexander Petrenko's picture

Just buy it. It feels amazing in your hands and on the shelf. If you are videoblogger you can even incorporate it into your background. And, to be honest - these timeless cameras. I have X-T1 and it sits on the shelf beautifully, I just clean it from the dust from time to time ;)

stuartcarver's picture

I won one in a competition a couple of years ago and have been using it ever since.

Minh Nguyen's picture


william hicks's picture

You can get a used x10 or x30 fairly cheap to start the addiction

Nacona Nix's picture

I have the X-T3 and love it. I was hoping the X-H2 would come out before the X-T4, but it doesn't seem like that's going to be the case.

I just hope that they release a truly worthy update to the X-T3 beyond IBIS, some autofocus/video improvements, and a film style or two. That would be less than revolutionary and frankly not that evolutionary, either.

Lenzy Ruffin's picture

Much more important to me would be no recording limit and recording video to both card slots. Those are the two glaring deficiencies that I'd hoped would be corrected in the X-H2. I record long-format interviews and a 30-minute limit on what is supposed to be a video-centric camera made no sense to me.

I have a couple of X-T3s and an X-T2. Fuji is making incredible cameras. I really enjoy using their equipment.

I just need that recording limit to go away. I'm happy to pay extra for the tariff because that's still going to cost way less than external recorder solutions or buying a set of GH5 cameras and lenses.

Mr Blah's picture

Looks like the XT-4 wil get brand new batteries so that might just be the case...

Robert Edwardes's picture

I think with the XT-4 they are now able to make the XH line more video oriented. Based off fuji rumors they where split with how to take the XH line in term of video or wildlife photography, and now they can use the XT-3 senors to shoot 6k in the XH-2 while the XT-4 keep the XT-3 video specs with a 30mp+ sensor for wild life photography.

Tom Jacobs's picture

I really need multiple exposures (more than 2) with blend modes in camera. Apparently the xpro3 has that. This is similar to what canon does. Will this be in the XT4? Fuji does not respond to my questions. Any info out there?

Deleted Account's picture

Care to share what you're doing that makes you need this? I sometimes play with multiple exposure but I typically create them in post.

stuartcarver's picture

Same here, much more benefit using RAW files to merge exposures in proper software.

Deleted Account's picture

I don't assume that doing it in post is better. I'm just curious about a different way to do it.

stuartcarver's picture

My main issue is i have never bracketed a shot then not needed to do some local adjustments to get the right look, so im assuming that doing it in camera isnt going to give me the finished article. If its saving it as a RAW/Tiff file then fair enough

Deleted Account's picture

I know that many cameras with the built in feature show on screen the preview of the multiple exposure and one benefit to doing it in-camera is controlling the composition. For shots like this.

barry cash's picture

The XT-4 WILL be a record breaker for camera sales in 2020 it has 90% of all you need to make the camera a do-all-body. Any firmware or body improvement with only add to the already successful XT-3.

This with a few additional lenses having faster AF, better micro contrast and fixing the ones that have loose aperture rings will be a scary kit.

I was always a believer in one beastly body including IBIS and 10-2-2 60p video and NOT continuing with the XH-2 brick.

Todays camera business is a tricky slippery thing to hold on to. Just get one or two things wrong or cripple one firmware upgrade and the internet will prosecute your system. Look no farther than the Leica brick the SL2. A brick with huge lenses, did I say heavy and huge, SLOW AF, and skimpy firmware upgrades. A body that should have been released in 2018 with upgraded EVF and Screen NOW the SL2 still it retains its ridiculously huge size and weight of a kit just to market to a few.

Darryl Young's picture

I love my X-T3 (I've had it almost exactly a year now) and I had no plans on upgrading any time soon but if the X-T4 has IBIS, a better battery, and a bunch of other small improvements (to autofocus, etc.) I'll at the very least be looking what I can get for mine and seeing how much the X-T4 is. I don't have any stabilised lenses but as I'm starting to play a little more with video, IBIS alone would get me interested. Let's see, I guess...

william hicks's picture

Changing the battery would be a no for most Fuji folks I know, we like having the same battery work for different models

Lenzy Ruffin's picture

Actually, there's plenty of us who care more about battery life and functionality than interchangeability.

The X-T3 removed the ability to power the Rode VideoMicro, for example.

You can use that mic with the X-T2, but with the X-T3, you cannot.

I have no desire for future cameras to be hamstrung by a legacy battery that is not up to the task.

Jozo Kozen's picture

This xt * model is getting farther and farther away from what I wanted out of mirrorless with every model gaining weight and size since the xt1... if they are going this route then fuji REALLY needs to make a a wr xt 40 for those that won’t to lug this thing. I realize I’m prob in the minority but feel like I need to speak up.
I personally don’t give a shit about video or ibis, esp at adding another 5 oz to it, I want the wr body with dials.