Fujifilm and Disney Collaborate on a Rare, Special Edition X100V

Fujifilm and the entertainment powerhouse Disney have collaborated to celebrate 100 years since Disney's founding in October 1923. To commemorate this special occasion, the camera manufacturer has released a very rare edition of its unattainable X100V premium compact camera.

Same, but Different

The camera is technically the same as the recently reviewed X100V except for a few changes, making it a unique collector's piece. The first and most obvious difference is the leatherette wrapped around the body of the camera showing off legacy characters like Donald Duck, Goofy, and, of course, Mickey Mouse. The metal parts of the body come in bright silver, making the camera stand out of the crowd. The top plate is decorated with a unique serial number, as there should only be 100 units made. 

Fujifilm X100V "Disney 100" Edition

Unique Accessories

The box itself will be a uniquely made wooden piece containing drawers and separate compartments for a set of bespoke-made "Disney 100" logo decorated accessories like a white canvas strap, a leather case, and a metal thumb rest. 

The entire unique package including the wooden box, special edition X100V, leather case, metal thumb rest, and a canvas strap.

Not the First Time

This is not the first time Disney has collaborated with a camera manufacturer to commemorate its centenary. Earlier this year, Leica released a special edition of the Q2 only a few months before the release of the Q3. Who knows, maybe the sixth-generation X100 could be around the corner.

Unfortunately for the interested ones, the special edition X100V will be only sold in Hong Kong as long as the short supply lasts. The price will be a little over $1,900.

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Sorry, but this is downright ugly. A camera that looks like a child's toy for $1,900? No thanks.

I'm sure it'll find its fans. There are worse-looking things out there that sell even better.

That's true.
But I expect that most people who buy it don't do it because they like it, but because they hope it'll increase in value.

Spare me please