Fujifilm Announces the GFX100: 100+ Megapixels, 4K, In-Body Stabilization, Phase Detection Autofocus, All Under $10,000

Fujifilm Announces the GFX100: 100+ Megapixels, 4K, In-Body Stabilization, Phase Detection Autofocus, All Under $10,000

Today, Fujifilm has announced the GFX100, their latest medium format camera. With a newly designed sensor with over 100 megapixels, in-body image stabilization, phase detection autofocus that covers approximately 100% of the frame, 4K video, and more, all coming in under $10,000, it looks like an absolute monster of a camera at an impressive price.

The GFX100 carries a bevy of impressive features that should make it a tempting option for many photographers (and potentially videographers). Check out its specs:

  • 102 MP backside-illuminated Bayer sensor
  • Sensor size: 43.8 mm by 32.9 mm
  • No optical low-pass filter
  • 5-axis in-body stabilization with up to 5.5 stops of stabilization
  • Entire shutter assembly suspended by four springs to minimize shutter shock
  • Phase detection autofocus with approximately 100% coverage and 210% faster autofocusing speeds over the GFX 50R
  • Face and eye detection
  • Dual SD slots
  • 16-bit raw
  • ISO range: 100-12,800 (expandable to 50-102,400)
  • TTL 256-zone metering
  • Focal plane shutter
  • 4K at 30p and 400 Mbps and 10-bit
  • F-log Rec.2020
  • 4:2:2 uncompressed HDMI output
  • 16 film simulations
  • 3.2-inch touchscreen, 2.36 million dots with tridirectional tilt
  • 6.15 in. x 6.44 in. x 4.05 in. (including EVF)
  • 6.15 in. x 5.67 in. x 2.96 in. (without EVF)
  • Weight: 1,400 g (49.4 oz) with EVF, two batteries, and memory card
  • Dust and weather-resistant magnesium alloy body with built-in vertical grip
  • 95 weather-sealed points

The GFX100 will be available on June 27 and carries a suggested retail price of $9,999.95. It looks to be quite the exciting camera! Check out more images below. Preorder yours here.

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rodney simba masarirambi's picture

For the most part agree on the Hasselblads except for the X1D which (for me) is the best looking non film camera.

Jay Jay's picture

I own the Fuji x100 and the Xt2, and while Fuji makes some pretty retro styled cameras, i think they got stuck in 1984 while doing this one.

Michael Holst's picture

Some of the best things came out of the 80's

Spy Black's picture

Phase One has some real competition now. Fuji better make a really efficient raw processor with tethering for this camera, because it will either not be supported in Capture One, or poorly supported.

Errick Jackson's picture

Capture One fully supports all Fuji cameras, better than any other raw processor, and even has a dedicated raw processing program for Fuji. They fully support the GFX 50S/R and will put out updates for the GFX 100. They announced their partnership with Fuji at the same event Fuji announced the production of the GFX 100 so they knew this was coming and obviously is not bothered by it.

Kirk Lawrence's picture

Why would it not be supported? Last November, Phase One announced a collaboration with Fujifilm and now fully support their cameras. Film simulations and lens profiles included.

Spy Black's picture

I guess Fuji threw money at PO. For the longest time they wouldn't Pentax.

Jorge Cevallos's picture

I am starting to feel GASsy!

Jonathan Headley's picture

Shut up and take my money, finally.
Preordered. Awaiting with fucking itching hands and empty wallet. 🤑

I wonder how many people will buy this camera and for whom this is meant. It is an open question and not any form of judgement or criticism.

With 100Mp the files will be extremely big and you would probably need a beast of a computer to edit them. Not to mention the fact that you will need an extreme amount of HD space.
Plus the price-tage of 10K for the body alone and with lenses this will mount up rather quickly.
Of course compared to a Hasselbad or the likes, it is a steal.
As a commercial photographer, how easy is it to have it break even?

I once spoke to a pro who shot with a Hasselblad for glossies and cosmetics clients but he said that their market was getting pretty slim because the quality of full frame cameras was getting better and better. He could still get assignments because of the Hasselblad ability to get skin graduations to a finer degree.

Errick Jackson's picture

It does depend on the market quite a bit, although I would argue breaking even on the GFX would be a lot easier than doing so with the Hassy. Still, my initial thoughts were any commercial photographer. However, after watching the Fujifilm Global videos they uploaded and the various fields of photography it performed well in, I think it's meant for really anyone who finds that the cost of entry is worth it.

Obviously, commercial, advertising, fashion, and beauty will find it useful. But the AF system and 5ps lends it to be useful for some level of sports photography as well, albeit somewhat niche most likely. Video specs and IBIS with that size sensor make it a budget filmmaking option, though I'd still prefer something like the BMPCC4K, practically speaking.

I'd say overall, it's a strange but capable fit for a lot of fields of photography and the only reason it's hard to place exactly where it fits in the market is that the market is still getting used to relatively inexpensive medium format digital bodies coming into play. I definitely know a ton of photographers are going to be buying this simply because Phase One/Hassy is no longer the barrier of entry to a 100mp Medium format landscape, and getting that kind of quality at 1/3 to 1/4 of the price is very attractive. There are plenty of photographers who have $10K to burn on a camera but not $40K.

Well, many MF buyers are enthusiasts with money as well. I bought GFX-50S even though it's not a "need" camera for me, but rather "want".

I think I will be buying this one next year around the same time, once I know much more details and one more firmware update.

Right, but that camera is half the price. That is a big gap. I wonder how many rich amateurs want to spend this amount. I like Fuji so I hope this camera will be a huge success.
Maybe they will fish in the Hasselbad/Phase one pond. Assuming it has the same IQ, this kind of Mps is much more accessible price wise than Hasselblad or Phase One.

rodney simba masarirambi's picture

I'm curious how you like the 50S and what you shoot with it?

I am enjoying GFX-50S so far. I have done an event (yep, just have to work with the slowness of the camera), portraits (excellent here), landscape (excellent here as well) and some candids (similar to event).

I also have xt3. So when I switch between them I have to be mindful of the system for a while because GFX-50S feels slow in every way (compared to xt3 of course, for a medium format with 2017 available mirrorless technology, it's awesome).

Love the ergonomics. Tried 50R and ended up buying 50S in the end because of ergonomics and few things I just can't nail. And, the evf is gorgeous.

Below picture is a 1:1 crop.

Errick Jackson's picture

Cue the upcoming 47 "You don't need that new camera" articles.

rodney simba masarirambi's picture

Pretty low estimate imo lol

There is a pretty big gap between what I want and what I need. I want a lot more than I need.

Errick Jackson's picture

Oh, I agree. But most people on this site know the difference between what they want and what they need. So getting hammered with articles telling us not to get amped up over new stuff because we don't "NeEd" it gets pretty annoying pretty quickly.

Alex Cooke's picture

You'd be surprised at what fraction of our audience is beginners.

Errick Jackson's picture

Hey, I'd actually like to know. I've always assumed this site held more seasoned enthusiasts and professionals.

Errick Jackson's picture

I don't know if you can talk about it here, but if you'd be willing to PM me, I'd love to chat about it and the overall industry gear culture a bit.

And for the past years, what my body (severe artritis) needs is something else from what I want. My body needs light stuff.

rodney simba masarirambi's picture

Aesthetics and cost aside.... I really want this. But I also really like having a home lol. Apparently this doesn't fall under the "I need this because I want this"

Usman Dawood's picture

16-bit raw makes this camera incredible especially considering the price point.

David Pavlich's picture

Where's that darned lottery ticket!? :-)

David Leøng's picture

Sees headline "All under $10,000"

Sees actual price "$9,999.95"


rodney simba masarirambi's picture

Right?!?! Show me the lie 🤣

John Skinner's picture

How did we ever get 12MP images good enough for ads and entire wall installations up to this point? And now we're looking a 100MP for 'commercial' shoots -- because we all know the internet needs 100MP, right?

If we're being a little honest here. A ton of work for today's ads are solely for the web. How much of it, AND, how many people actually produce tangible hard products for display? I would venture to guess not many as a total. And if I'm looking to do video work.. shouldn't I just go out and get a proper unit like a RED?

I'm clearly missing something here... But I'm sure someone under 30 will jump at the chance to enhance my feeble thoughts and fill me with all I need.

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