Fujifilm Instax SQ1 Versus SQ6: Which is the Best Instant Film Camera?

One of my favorite types of cameras are instant and my favorite brand for instant cameras is definitely Fujifilm. The simplicity of Fuji Instax cameras means that instead of messing around with settings and so on, you can simply enjoy the results these cameras produce. Recently, Fuji released a new Instax camera and we compared it to the previous model.

In my view, The Instax SQ6 is by far the best instant camera that Fujifilm has produced so far. This camera was the first ever, proper square format film camera from Fuji, and I think it's brilliant. The square format film meant that it sits perfectly in-between the Instax wide, with its huge bulky cameras and the Instax mini with its much smaller images. This particular format of film allows for a more compact design while also delivering large enough images. Essentially, it's the best of both worlds.  

The latest addition to the square format family is the SQ1; a bare-bones version of the SQ6 camera. This new camera takes simplicity to a whole new level due to only having two settings. For those that want something incredibly straight forward, the SQ1 might be a great option; but does it unseat SQ6. 

Check out the video linked above to see exactly how both cameras perform, and to find out which is the better option. 

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