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Billingham Eventer MKII Camera Bag Review

Billingham Eventer II is the latest camera bag from the UK-based manufacturer, Billingham. This bag is an update on a previous version that was probably the most expensive camera bag that Billingham produced at the time. The Billingham Eventer II now holds the mantle of being the most expensive camera bag produced by the company.

Premiere Pro and After Effects Templates That Help You Grow Your Audience

Premiere Pro templates are one of the few quick solutions that can help elevate your video production. Graphics, text, typography, and animations can help you illustrate your points far more effectively. Unfortunately, trying to get all of those elements into your video, especially if creating them from scratch in a software like After Effects, can be expensive or time-consuming. A company called Videvo has a great solution.

edelkrone Announces the JibONE v2: 'The World's Smartest & Most Portable Jib'

edelkrone had announced its new portable jib the JibONE v2. The original edelkrone JibONE proved to be an excellent tool for creating interesting and creative shots. With the motorized features that edelkrone has become famous for, the JibONE offered an incredibly capable yet portable motorized jib. The new JibONE v2 takes this further with some important updates.

Wedding Photography Tips: How to Photograph the Bride

Wedding photography can be one of the more daunting genres. For many people, their wedding day is one of the most important days of their lives. As photographers, it's crucial to capture these moments carefully and as best we can. This is especially important when it comes to the bride.

Which Program Handles Fujifilm Raw Files Better, Lightroom or Capture One?

Fujifilm cameras have long been praised for the colors they produce. Lightroom has often been criticized for being incapable of processing Fujifilm raw files effectively. Capture One is generally recommended. Therefore, in this article, we will be comparing Lightroom and Capture One to see which is best for Fujifilm raw files.

Landscape Photography Tips to Help Your Images Stand Out

Landscape photography is one of the trickier genres of photography due to the lack of control you have. Although you may have control over aspects such as composition, lighting can in the scene can prove a little challenging. Sometimes, you may end up with a picture lacking depth, and overcoming this issue could drastically improve your photography.

Canon R3 Versus Sony a1 Versus Nikon Z9: The Best Flagship Camera

Canon, Sony, and Niko: the three major manufacturers within the photography industry. For a long time, Canon and Nikon held a duopoly, until Sony started producing full-frame mirrorless cameras. We now have a triopoly with Canon, Nikon, and Sony going to head to head with their flagship cameras.

Which Program Handles Sony Raw Files Better, Lightroom or Capture One?

Sony cameras have long been criticized for their color science. The notion is that Sony cameras produce unflattering colors, especially for skin tones. This claim seems to be leaning towards raw files processed in Lightroom. Capture One is generally recommended, so, let's find out which of the two software is the better option for Sony raw files.

Sony Should Get Rid of the Sony a7S Series of Cameras

The Sony a7S series of cameras is strange. They're described as stills cameras; however, most customers seem to use them for their video features. At best, they're an odd compromise that doesn't fit anywhere properly. For this reason, I'd like to discuss why Sony should get rid of this line completely or at the least, revamp the series.

Budget Smartphone Google Pixel 5a Wins the Ultimate Blind Camera Test 2021

Budget smartphone Google Pixel 5a wins the MKBDH annual blind smartphone camera comparison. The test and comparison included more than 3 million votes and the results were presented on the Marques Brownlee YouTube channel. What's surprising is that none of the major flagship smartphones made it past the second round.

Are Smartphone Cameras Going Too Far With AI Technology?

Smartphone cameras and AI technology can produce beautiful results. Many of them can intelligently boost colors in an image, blur out a background to mimic larger optics, or even change how you look. The question is: how far is too far with smartphones and AI manipulation of images?

Improve Your Astrophotography With Topaz Labs

Astrophotography and nighttime photography generally come with their own respective challenges. The biggest problem tends to be increased noise especially in the shadow areas of an image. But what if there was some incredibly smart software that could magically get rid of the noise and improve your images, would you use it?

Here’s How Good the Image Quality Is From the Sony a7 IV

The Sony a7 IV is probably one of the best bang-for-buck cameras on the market right now. With its high-resolution 33-megapixel full frame sensor along with a slew of high-end video features, it fits the needs of professional creatives. If you're thinking about purchasing this camera but want to know how it performs, then this video might be useful to you.