Godox Announces AD200 Pocket-Sized Flash Unit

Godox Announces AD200 Pocket-Sized Flash Unit

Mainland China-based Godox Photo Equipment (also sold under FlashPoint in the United States) announced the latest in their series of challengers to the dominant flash makers, the Wistro Pocket Flash AD200. As with the other units in the series, the AD360 and AD600, the AD200 offers stable color temperature across all power levels and fast recycle times. It packs 200 Ws of power, which makes it significantly more powerful than any unit in its size or price range. Perhaps the most interesting feature, however, is the dual flash heads (more on that after the jump).

First, let's take a look at Godox's system. They have several speedlights, the larger AD360 and AD600 units, studio units, a huge collection of modifiers, and a 2.4 Ghz wireless trigger system that works with every unit in their range (some older units may need a receiver). This is impressive for a company that, although founded some time ago, really only got on the radar of photographers outside of China a couple years ago. They are shaping up to be a formidable competitor to the established players. Once warranties and service centers become available for Godox products, there is sure to be some shake-up in the industry.

Back to the product at hand: as with all previous units, you can expect the AD200 to slot right into your Godox system. Existing X1 and XT32 triggers will work seamlessly with the new flash. It promises 500 full-power pops from a single charge, as with the AD600, and, best of all, will slot into your pocket. It also supports all major technologies like TTL and HSS (albeit dependent on using a Godox-brand trigger, but that's nothing new). It also has a sexy new LCD on the back that is a step in the right direction for Godox.

As mentioned, the major difference with this unit from others, aside from its size, is the inclusion of not one, but two interchangeable flash bulbs. One is behind a fresnel lens, just like a speedlight. The other is a bare-bulb, as found in the AD360 and AD600. This opens up the possibility of using some common speedlight modifiers, such as MagMod or small sheets of colored gel, and also for easily controlling light spill inside an umbrella. Then, by changing the flash bulb over to the bare version, you could easily fill a softbox or beauty dish evenly. Godox also has a huge collection of photos of the unit with its dedicated modifiers attached on the product announcement page.

I can see plenty of potential in this unit for my travel work because of its light weight and size. I can also see it being useful for urban shooting as it should be easy to hand hold. With the extra power over speedlights and diminutive size when compared to units like the Profoto B1 and B2, it looks like a great unit to add to the bag of any location photographer. They are starting to pop up all over eBay for pre-order, so we should be able to get them soon. What do you guys think? Is this something you would add to your kit?

[via Godox.com]

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Interesting product for sure...stable 5600K, small with a decent power range....about time the speedlite/portable market started to move a bit.

I've always been curious to try this brand out. I've heard great things but I've just never got around to it!

I own a bunch of Godox v850 (manual only ... 4 units) and v860c (canon TTL ... 2 units) and the flashes are GREAT! The batteries on the other hand are BAD! when they work well, they are awesome but over half my batteries were either DOA or died within one year. I have 2 batteries that even ballooned.

This is what I use for everything I shoot.

So one recommendation ... buy the Flashpoint branded ones from adorama for easy returns ... just in case.

This looks great. We've been using the AD600s, but having a smaller head that I could travel with, or use as a kicker alongside the main lights, would be great. I just wish the bare bulb version had a hole to stick an umbrella in; I hate dealing with the extra gadget required to hook a flash into a light modifier.

I don't think it's big enough or strong enough to mount an umbrella in its housing. It's the size of a speed light.

Godox offers a really cool and sturdy adapter for all kind of hot shoe flashes in Bowens and Elinchrom mount.


Looks pretty sweet depending on the price point. I like that it would integrate directly into the godox/flashpoint system.

Reading this from my phone. Is there an estimated price yet? I saw it said "makes it significantly more powerful than any unit in its size or price range" but wasn't sure what that range was. Maybe I didn't see it?

Just looked and the flashpoint version is coming at $329.95. Not too bad compared to a speedlight.

Yep. Saw that too at Adorama. Like that it looks like it comes with some starter accessories too. Been taking my DigiBees to Africa. These are only about 2/3 the power, but MUCH smaller and HSS could be handy.

very cool!

Thought this is the flash I was waiting for when it was anounced some weeks ago.
But I am not shure any more.
I got a Godox TT685 and was impressed by build quality. So I sold my Yongnuo gear and bought a Godox XT 32 and X1C transmitter for all my Godox gear. Problems: they do not fire my flashes if they are too close. And the X1C does not fire anything at all if it sits on my EOS M3. Usability is a foreign word.
So, if they do not bring new, compatible transmitters, the AD200 is useless (for me).

Hi, I was having this issue when I first bought my Godox gear, basically if the flash was within two feet or so of the transmitter it wouldn't fire. A firmware update to the transmitter has fixed this, it now has two modes one for short range and one for long range. That is one of the things I find quite promising about them as a company, there seems to be regular updates that address issues that come up.

You make me hope. Which trigger? Which firmware?

Reply to my question: The X1 has to be started with pushed TEST button. The LED flahes two times and: viollier - close range works. But you have to do this every time you turn the trigger on.
And I still miss this feature at the XT32 trigger :-(

i'm curious if XT16 2.4GHz trigger will work seamlessly with the new flash like the X1T and XT32.

Will it work with the new trigger?

Firmware can all be found on godox.com on the download page. Grab their update software and the firmware you need. It's not the best made UI in the world, but it completes the task at hand without any fuss.

When mounting a MagGrip to the fresnel head I noticed that the rubber completely covers both vent holes (top and bottom) on the fresnel head, this cant be good. Anyone using Mag Mod products with this flash experiencing any over heating?

I noticed the same thing. I poked a couple of holes in mine! Haven't experienced any overheating yet.

It's a bit disappointing that a flash like this cannot be used wired. Sure wireless trigger is the standard but sometimes, but there are occasionally situations where it is still useful to have a lightweight yet powerful flash on a flash bracket...

Indeed. I've handheld mine a few times simply because I can get a group shot at lower ISO than with a speedlight.