GoPro Photography Battle, Are These Cameras Any Good at Taking Still Images?

Most people associate GoPros as being rugged action cameras to shoot video with. Question is, can they actually take good photographs too?

The team over at TMS productions are back once again with another interesting photographic challenge. This week, the guys have set the task of making the best image they can make in an hour with just a GoPro. What I like about this particular challenge is that all three of the participants chose to make very different images. This really helps to see both the strengths and limitations of such a camera. We see everything from a very stylistic creative shot made inside a washing machine to two very different yet clever portraits shot outdoors. The video follows each photographer during their hour and we get to see and hear the whole thought process behind the images they are trying to make. For this alone, I think the video is an inspiring watch.

I have to say that I was incredibly surprised by the quality of the work produced with such a small action camera. Especially when these GoPros are predominately made for video. Is this going to replace your existing camera? Probably not. But as a second camera, it could definitely come in handy for many photographers, especially when you consider the small form factor and additional features such as time-lapse and video that it has. One thing this video is a good reminder of is that it's not all about the gear. A talented photographer with a creative idea can make a great image even on the most basic of cameras.

Have you used action cameras like the GoPro to make still images before? Would you recommend owning one? I'd love to hear and see your work in the comments below.

Lead image by Sadeep Sasanka, used under Creative Commons. 

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I had to design a print ad where the only image available was from a GoPro. Probably the first time in my life, I wished someone had provided a smartphone photo.

It was actually shooting photos with the GoPro Hero 6 that really got me back into photography. They're powerful little machines when using RAW format.