Gura Gear Fully Transitions into Tamrac, Introduces new G-Elite Backpacks

Gura Gear Fully Transitions into Tamrac, Introduces new G-Elite Backpacks

Last year, the photography accessory company Gura Gear purchased the struggling brand Tamrac and ever since has been hard at work to revitalize the company through adding more employees and building new facilities as well as starting from scratch with product design and branding. Now, the brand has announced that Gura Gear will drop its own name in favor operating as Tamrac, and the new Tamrac G-Elite series of backpacks will carry on what Gura Gear began.

The first two bags introduced under the Tamrac G-Elite name are the G32 and the G26. These bags are an updated version of the Gura Gear Bataflae backpacks that incorporate a unique “butterfly”-style design for accessing your equipment. The butterfly style allows one side of the bag to open top-side while the other half remains zippered and secure, and just as before you can also fully open the pack like a normal bag as well. The G-Elite bags will use new materials reinforced by Dyneema, which according to Tamrac is the world’s strongest fiber that is also used in body armor, climbing equipment, and parachute suspension lines. The front pockets have also been redesigned to allow a laptop to fit right in.

Tamrac has also announced a new lifetime guarantee on all of their new products including Anvil, Corona, Stratus, Arc, Derechoe, Goblin, G-Elite, as well as future products yet to come. From Tamrac’s press release: “It can be summarized simply, if it’s broke, we’ll fix it or replace it. What does this mean? If your new Tamrac bag is eaten by the luggage monster in an airport or used to deter a polar bear from eating you for lunch, don’t fret, send it in and we’ll fix it or replace it.”

The new G-Elite G32 ($429.95, olive or charcoal) and G26 ($379.95, olive or charcoal) photography backpacks are available for pre-order now from the Tamrac website and will begin shipping in the coming weeks.

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Jesus, maybe they're struggling because they're charging $430 for a pretty average looking bag.

And I thought F-Stop bags were expensive...

I've got a Tamrac bag that's close to 25 years old, and has seen plenty of use. They don't need a warranty, they're that durable.