Going on an Extreme Photography Adventure? Lowepro's New Bag Will Keep Gear Dry

Going on an Extreme Photography Adventure? Lowepro's New Bag Will Keep Gear Dry

Lowepro has just announced a new DryZone pair of bags, a backpack and a duffel, that are weatherproof and watersport-friendly and are designed to keep your gear not only safe, but protected from aqueous elements. This is the kind of bag that can sustain powerful waves and blasts of water, so you can finally climb into a waterfall cave without fearing for the safety of your camera.

The original DryZone series, launched in 2002, featured an IPX7 rating for protection from water when the bags are immersed. These new designs are tested at an IPX6 waterproof rating to offer protection from water projected in powerful jets (12.5 mm nozzle) against enclosure from any direction. Basically, there are only a few situations in nature where a bag would be subject to that kind of torrential waterworks.

Below is what the inside of the backpack looks like:
Both the DryZone BP 40L and DryZone DF 20L feature a roll-top design with a wide-mouth opening for full access to gear. A removable and fully padded camera case is constructed with adjustable dividers so you can customize your kit, and taped teams to provide redundant water and weather protection when placed inside the backpack or duffle.


The backpack is more suited for photographers who pack up a few more personal items and carry their gear for longer periods of time. A perforated, EVA backpad and shoulder straps provide lightweight, durable and breathable comfort. Laser-cut loops and lash points offer convenient attachment points for extra gear.

The duffle features a stable design in a more compact profile. It looks ideal for strapping to a kayak or stashing on a shelf in a dive boat. It’s built with daisy-chain webbing loops for easy outer attachments, plus an exterior zippered pocket for quick access.

The DryZone BP 40L fits up to a Pro DSLR with attached lens (up to 24-70mm); 1 to 2 extra lenses; a compact tripod, flash and accessories; it has capacity for 70% camera gear and 30% personal items.

The DryZone DF 20L fits up to a Pro DSLR with attached lens (up to 70-200mm); 1 to 2 extra lenses; a flash and accessories; it has capacity for 80% camera gear and 20% personal items.

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Wonder what the advantage is over their preview DryZone bags is. These look like a PITA to get into compared to using a waterproof zipper like the previous models.

They are smaller than the standard Dryzone 200.

That looks nice and rugged. Might not be very subtle at a wedding though!

It looks ok, if you are capturing pictures of river-rafting loving couples exchanging rings in a white waters

Do you have it in more Radioactive?

When you are on a capsizing boat, you really REALLY need to prioritize what bags to go for! ...been-there-done-that.

One thing....it didnt say WATERPROOF up "whatever meters" Anywhere....ive been looking for a true water tight bag solution over my pelican cases....Any suggestions......I plan on doing some jungle travels..

go to a good camping store and ask for a dry bag. they come in all different sizes and look similar to this. they are very heavy duty, and usually bright yellow so you can see them floating down the river.