Gura Gear's Triumphant Return: New Kiboko Backpacks Launched

Gura Gear's Triumphant Return: New Kiboko Backpacks Launched

My favorite bags are back: Gura Gear has introduced, or I should say reintroduced their Gura Gear Kiboko bags. Now on version 2.0, they look to bring back everything that made the originals so highly regarded, and they are available for preorder now.

Back in 2014, Gura Gear acquired Tamrac, and in the process, introduced new bags with a fusion of Gura Gear and Tamrac design elements. I owned an original Gura Gear bag and was looking at picking up a smaller size for more casual hikes. I ended up going with a different brand, as the transition seemed to have increased the price and decreased the quality of the new Tamrac branded bags.

That has all changed, however. It looks like the new bags are a true reboot of the much-loved originals, featuring the same design and layout that made the originals so popular.

The Kiboko 16L looks to be targeted at mirrorless shooters, capable of holding two mirrorless bodies and four lenses, as well as a 13” laptop or tablet.

The Kiboko 22L, similar to my 26L, is capable of holding an entire DSLR kit, with room for two bodies, six lenses, or even a 300mm f/2.8 lens, along with a 15” laptop.

The Kiboko 30L adds support for medium format gear or a 400mm f/2.8 on top of the 22L’s capacity.

The one thing I’m disappointed to see hasn’t been updated is the tripod carrying mechanism. Lashing the tripod to one side of the bag can really throw off the balance, especially when carrying a tripod and head matched to the pro-level gear the bag is suited for. Despite that, I’m happy to see there is a suitable replacement for my favorite camera bag, if it ever wears out.

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Ryan Mense's picture

I emailed Tamrac on Monday about these bags and haven't heard anything back, which I find a little alarming customer service / warranty wise. I ended up buying the MindShift BackLight.

If they're at all built like the originals Ryan, you won't need to contact customer service :-)