How to Decide Which Full Frame Sony Camera You Should Buy

Sony has an extensive lineup of cameras in its range that cater to many different genres and applications. In this video, Sidney Diongzon goes through his suggestions for which camera is most suitable depending on what you most often shoot.

I shoot with a number of different cameras, all of different brands. However, my workhorse camera has been a Sony for about 5 years at this point and I have no regrets there. I wanted to move to mirrorless before Canon catered to it and so I bought a Sony a7 III and it's one of the best purchases I have ever made for my business. Now, you have a lot more options, but if you already have Sony lenses, perhaps you want to stay in that ecosystem.

Whether you're a videographer, photographer, or hybrid shooter, Sony has a lot on offer. I still use the Sony a7 III as it has aged superbly and ticks all of the boxes I need, but for my video work, I must admit I could do with the a7S III. I haven't made the purchase because I can't quite justify the expense yet and this is a conversation you must have with yourself. I remember very clearly the pull of full frame back when I only had APS-C, but it's worth assessing your needs carefully before you make a decision.

Have you bought a full frame Sony body this year? How have you found it?

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Charles Mercier's picture

I bought an a7 over two years ago for strictly photography. Only after I splurged for the Sony 24-105 f4, did I realize how fantastic the images were that I got the A7RII because of the IBIS and the silent shutter. It'd be nice to have more recent offerings but I'm happy with this.

Gary Pardy's picture

I miss the absurd amount of detail I was getting out of my A7RII. The buffer was my only real complaint about the camera.

Tammie Lam's picture

What are you shooting now?

Gary Pardy's picture

Fuji XT4

Charles Mercier's picture

Yeah, sometimes it's a bit frustrating having to wait a second or two for that blinking red light. :-( But as I don't take action photos....

Gary Pardy's picture

Yeah, if burst isn't required (or if you're disciplined enough to not need it) it's a non-issue

Charles Mercier's picture

Just to clarify, one can shoot 5fs, but one has to wait that much longer waiting for the shots to record on the SD.

Sam Antha's picture

Don't get into Sony. Buy Nikon instead.

Bjarne Solvik's picture


Sam Antha's picture

Because the in-camera colour grading is magical in comparison to Sony's

Bjarne Solvik's picture

Well Sony have a bad reputation but when Northtrp did a blind test, most people liked Sony best. Did you try one of the last generation camera? Colors are much better the with the original A7, jpegs on that is terrible. I did not try Nikon, when the have fixed autofocus in the entry level models I would like :)

Stuart C's picture

Easy decision for me.

Juan José Lopez's picture

same here

Erpillar Bendy's picture

a7 III for me.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

I'm almost, almost thinking of picking up a used a7iii to compliment my other one. I'm trying to do more video and it'd more efficient if I had one already setup on a gimbal and the other for shooting stills and handheld footage.

S M's picture

You can probably get one pretty affordable for something that isn't that old at all. If I wasn't adapting glass I would have stuck with it for video on a gimbal. But I ran in to issues with hunting with the MC11 adapter and decided to upgrade to the R5 when the financials were there. Still though, it almost had me make the jump.

Paul Laubach's picture

Almost went Sony...but Fujifilm won me over. Mainly due to cost (and of course other reasons).

EDWIN GENAUX's picture

Started with Sony in the beginning 2014 with the A7s because of bracketing 5 @ 3ev, it was the HDR days! With Sony there is something great every year. Used the 12MP for 3yrs and printed poster size prints that are great looking. There are treasures in the older used in the Mark 2, 1st IBIS (no sticks required) 2nd on camera apps from Playmemories only available on Mark 1 & 2 models like the filter app no need to carry filters even works for capturing the Milky Way over a lit runway/town in camera no need to blend foreground and sky in PS, ect. The A7m3 (24mp) has the never talked about Bright Monitoring that when assigned to a button like the trash can is night vision for framing in the darkest of places and ISO Invariance noise is balanced over ISO above 640 and low light equal to the the A7s. The A7rm2 (42mp) is yes sharp but all Sony's are. Lenses are better than anyone's the 1635 f/4 (2015) perfect stars in corners even at 30s, 24240 has great bokeh at 240mm day or night and married with the 1224mm f/4 the only two needed for 90% of captures. Lastly todays software is the greatest and even makes the old Fuji waterproof cameras of the 2006 look great.

charles hoffman's picture

it's called
at $2000, the A7iii has to be the top contender - unless you're shooting sports professionally