How Do the Canon EOS R5 and R6 Compare to the Sony a7R IV and a7 III?

Before the EOS R5 and R6, Sony was generally acknowledged as the leader in mirrorless camera technology, but now that the aforementioned Canon cameras have arrived, the competition has grown much fiercer. How do Canon's new mirrorless cameras hold up against Sony's comparable models? This great video review and comparison answers that question. 

Coming to you from Hyun Ralph Jeong, this excellent video review and comparison takes a look at the Canon EOS R5 and R6 cameras and how they compare to the Sony a7R IV and Sony a7 III. No doubt, the EOS R5 and R6 brought Canon even with Sony's capabilities in a lot of metrics (and even surpassed them in others), but depending on your needs and what you shoot, you may prefer one brand over the other. Personally, with as advanced as bodies have become, it comes down to the glass for me. I am a bit of a lens geek, and Canon's deep EF lens lineup (and its easy integration with the RF mount) along with its impressive and unique RF lenses is the selling point for me. Of course, your own priorities may be different. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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Vito V's picture

As someone who shot canon his whole short life (I'm 23 but have been a photographer/videographer since I was 13 and it is now my career) I took a turn and went to a Sony a7iii with multiple lenses.The reality is life isn't a camera review you buy into a system and stick with it hopefully your camera brand keeps innovating and getting better. No matter if you shoot nikon, canon, sony, or panasonic. The competition only helps us as creaters take advantage of the innovative technology to come.

Ken Yee's picture

Really well done review 👏

Tracy Webb's picture

I'm a proud owner of a Canon 90D and I will add the Canon R6 as my full frame counter part .....Enjoy

Mandy Coate's picture

I love how we are comparing a camera that came out 2.5 years ago with one that came out last month and costs $500 more.

The only semi worthwhile comparison here is the a7iii and the EOS R which only came out 6 months behind and $300 over. The EOS R is much cheaper now, for good reason because nobody bought them.

Leopold Bloom's picture

Why not? They are competing in the same segment and if you are looking for a camera now, this is a valid comparison.

Mandy Coate's picture

Yeah.. I guess if you are wanting to shoot the A7R4 on a Canon kit lens this is the review that has the info you need.

J. W.'s picture

The Sony A7RIV was just recently released. Should people only compare cameras that are released in the same month? I don't expect the A7IV to be a revolution, image quality has not improved drastically in the last few years of still photography. Video seems to be the area with more room for improvement and some of us never shoot video. I'm sticking to the Sony A7(R)III generation. Hopefully, by the 5th generation, Sony bodies make major advances in body layout that are worthy of upgrading, I use them because they get the job done, but I don't enjoy shooting with them.

Mike Ditz's picture

I wish Sony would keep going with the technical innards but revamp the body to a more Canikon shape.

Dillan K's picture

Please suggest which Sony cameras they should compare to then. The comparison is not of the EOS R. It's the EOS R6 and R5.

Steve Cer's picture

Great in depth comparison. One thing you didn't touch on is the 4k crop mode on the R5 which is able to record 60 frames per second without over heating to an sd card and the 4k image quality is very good much better then any other camera in the comparison.

Rick Rizza's picture

If I have some 4000€, I would buy R6 and RF 15-35 f/2.8. L IS. And I did, and did not regret it at all.