How Does the Dynamic Range of the Canon EOS R5 Compare to the Sony a7R III?

For years, Canon was generally believed to be behind other manufacturers in terms of dynamic range performance, but the company has been making impressive strides in the last few years, and the EOS R5 contains the latest sensor from the company. How does it hold up against Sony, long held in high esteem for its dynamic range? This excellent video compares the Canon EOS R5 to the Sony a7R III to see how they hold up.

Coming to you from Manny Ortiz, this excellent video compares the dynamic range of the new Canon EOS R5 to the Sony a7R III. With similar resolutions (42 megapixels for the Sony and 45 megapixels for the Canon), the two bodies make for a good comparison. Good dynamic range is highly useful in a lot of genres. For example, in landscape photography, it allows you to capture more of a scene in one exposure. Similarly, good dynamic range will allow you a lot more versatility in post without an image quality penalty, which is particularly useful, if, for example, you shoot to protect the highlights and need to bring the shadows up a fair amount during the editing process. Check out the video above for the full comparison from Ortiz. 

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Ariel Martini's picture

If you don't want to watch the 10 minutes long video, his conclusion is that YES, finally Canon have a good dynamic range.
His method is quite simple though: shooting the same subject at ISO 100 and bringing the shadows slider all the way up in Lightroom.

Tim van der Leeuw's picture

Looking at the dynamic-range comparisons that DPReview did in their R6 review I get the feeling that the answer is "no". When lifting the highlights, at some point red/green blotches start to appear (same as on my older and cheaper Canon APS-C sensor but less extreme).

The page by default compares with Panasonic, but I've also compared to Fuji X-T4 and Nikon Z6 and with these cameras I do not see the same.

That means that using the latest Canon, I can still not push the shadows as far as with some of these competing cameras from different brands.

Link to DPReview:

Their full R5 review is not up yet so no direct comparison with that one -- the sensor in the R5 might perform more comparable to the Sony or Nikon Z7 sensors than the sensor in the R6.

Ariel Martini's picture

Yes but I think R5 will perform better. 5D4 was already much better than 5D3/6D2

Dan E's picture

The A7R III is an old camera at this point. It’s like comparing a fresh new apple with a rotted orange. Should be against the A7R IV

Mandy Coate's picture

Lol the A7Riii came out in 2017

Dan E's picture

In camera years, That’s a lot. The A7R iv is already out a year. That would have been the logical comparison.