How Lens Filters Can Improve Your Photography

Most photographers have heard of lens filters, but few actually use them or are aware of their many benefits. Here is a video covering the basics of lens filters, particularly polarizing and neutral density filters.

Lens filters can serve many purposes in photography, especially in genres such as landscape or travel photography. Still, with many different options, it can be difficult to know exactly where to begin. To help explain the basics, Paul Farris of Photo Genius shares where to start when adding lens filter techniques to your skill set.

Farris primarily talks about two types of filters in his video. First, he explains polarizing filters. A polarizing filter is beneficial for removing glare and reflections. These filters are especially helpful for photographers who are shooting in the bright outdoors. The other filter he uses is a neutral density filter. These are useful in controlling light while leaving the color unaffected. In his example, Farris uses a graduated neutral density filter in his landscape image to underexpose the sky while leaving the foreground properly exposed.

There are several filters available that can add a wide arrange of effects to your image. If you want to learn more about what lens filters are and how to use them, check out this video.

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