How to Sell Your Old Film Camera for 13 Thousand (Update: Now $92K)

How to Sell Your Old Film Camera for 13 Thousand (Update: Now $92K)

Miley Cyrus is just becoming the talk of the town lately, but the one time she does something completely normal, everyone has to make a big deal out of it. Which is why she posted a plain old Nikon N80 35mm camera on eBay and it's currently up to $13,300 $80,100 $92,000 with plenty of time left to go.

She posted the N80 on eBay, but nobody knew it was her until she posted a quick tweet about it. She quickly deleted the tweet but not before thousands of fans flocked to the auction in an attempt to get a piece of Miley history. Prior to that, it was up to a mere $26, which is about half of what you can grab it for on Amazon. I checked out the details and made sure it didn't spew out glitter, diamonds or mini twerking Miley dolls, but if you're up for paying a ridiculous amount of money for something not worth much, there's still six days left in the auction.


So here's the deal. Do you have an old camera that most likely is worth about 35-50 bucks? Send it over to Miley! Or at least tweet it to her. I mean, I've got 13k worth of student loans I'd be happy to have my first film camera pay off if she wouldn't mind fronting the eBay fees. But in reality, you'll probably be better off with it on your shelf.

UPDATE: Selling price has bid up to over $80,000:

Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 7.37.03 AM


[via: Eonline]

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Considering how she used that foam finger I wouldnt be surprised if this camera has seen some "action".. hehe

Tony Guillaro's picture

I'm going to bid 30k and never pay ...MuHahaha!

That won't twerk.

Tony Guillaro's picture

Ohh Ya?? I just brought the bid up to over 70k!!!!

WTF is wrong with people Lmfao!!

You didn't get it...

Mark Pearson's picture

Only 16 feedback transactions? Price seems a little high for that eBay rating :-)

it's over 9000!!


Whoever bought the 1DS and headphones from her needs to resell them right now on eBay to take advantage of the interest generated so far...

Went from $75k to $80k in the last 5 minutes, I think this article might need an update ( hourly ).

Tony Guillaro's picture

That was thanks to me... :)

You probably shouldn't brag about fraud.

Tony Guillaro's picture

How is it fraud that I brought the bid up to 80K

And besides, It's still not fraud.. Its ebay, I can change my mind if I don't feel like getting it after the fact.

Your bid is a legally binding contract between you and the seller.

Tony Guillaro's picture

Uhh nooo its not... I use E-bay All the time!!

Check out the Terms of Ebay... You can cancel a transaction at anytime, for any reason... All that happens it you might get a bad review

Say I found one for cheaper...I'm not going to spend more for the same thing ....Bam I don't have to pay for the second item

And besides, I stated I brought the bit to 80K....Never said I was the highest bidder!!

Under what conditions can I retract a bid?

Whether you can retract a bid depends on the circumstances and timing of the bid. You can retract a bid for the following reasons:

You accidentally entered the wrong bid amount due to a typographical error. For example, you bid $99.50 instead of $9.95. If this happens, you need to reenter the correct bid amount right away. Changing your mind does not qualify as accidentally entering a wrong bid amount.

The item's description changed significantly after you entered your last bid. For example, the seller updated details about the item's features or condition.

You can't reach the seller by telephone or email.


Running up a bid that you have no intention of acting on, is in violation. I think you are confusing the fact that the SELLER can cancel a bid.

Tony Guillaro's picture

Whatever you want to believe....,

I've done it many times before...Even did it with a car, Why because I found the same thing for cheaper

Tony Guillaro's picture

And its pure hearsay...Who say's I didn't really want to buy it and then changed my mind??
You're can have a change of heart.... Or crap your car just broke down now you down have the extra cash to spend, what then??

Then you could still be sued. That's like.

Saying that you artificially brought the bid up with no intention of purchasing is *not* hearsay. It's confessing to it.

You sound like a quality dude.

Tony Guillaro's picture

Thank you I am :)

That what an Auction is all about dude.....Its a fucking game, clearly you've never played it

And a person can say whatever they feel like... Freedom of speech, It doesn't mean what I say has to be true, unless i'm under oath in a courthouse

It's not hearsay if you're admitting to it here. If you think you can just change your mind, then you don't understand how eBay works.

Tony Guillaro's picture

Really, because I've done it

No, you can't. If you're the winning bidder and you refuse to pay, the seller and eBay can sue you. smh

Tony Guillaro's picture

Sue me for what, a change of heart, Or unforeseen circumstances?

Well I just copied this whole post and forwarded it to maybe you'll lose your account for being a tool.

Tony Guillaro's picture

Awww...Like I cant create another one

And Like they care, the just made a nice little profit off of me getting the bid raised as high as it has

Tony Guillaro's picture

I'm a tool, because I just made her a butt load of cash off a cheap camera...
You're right, I must be a horrible person....Time to hang myself! Lmfao

that escalated quickly...

Tony Guillaro's picture

Hahah Right...Fucking people with no sense of humor!

I wish someone would block this guy. He is not adding anything constructive to the conversation.