How to Shoot an Interview/Tutorial With Gear Under $1,000

You’ve probably seen many YouTubers using expensive and pro gear when shooting their content. However, if you are new to YouTube, you can achieve pro results with gear costing less than $1,000.

Creating video content is the first step for your personal brand and marketing. Even if you are not shooting for yourself, you can provide video services to other people who want video content for their social media. Full-time YouTube creators might have their dedicated studio spaces and high-end gear for production and a crew, ready for the post-production. However, as a starter you simply don’t need any of these.

Last year, Parker Walbeck posted a video about how to shoot an interview video, but the gear he was using was above the budget for many people. Therefore, Walbeck shared another video covering all the essential gear for shooting a professional video, while keeping the equipment cost under $1,000.

Using a Canon EOS M50 kit, he completes his basic creator kit with a single light fixture, a basic tripod and a condenser microphone. Covering all the fundamental steps, such as; composition, lighting and setting up the audio, he also shares all his tips for using the gear. At the end of the video, he even compares the results of this budget-friendly kit and his pro Canon kit worth more than $7,000.

What do you think of this setup? Do you have a cheaper solution for shooting video? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.   

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Greg Silver's picture

After watching this video, I have to say you get a lot more info than just what gear to use. Really well presented video.