This Is How Your DSLR Lenses Are Made

We all know making precision pieces of glass for camera lenses must be a difficult task. Today Nikon Japan released a beautiful video showing exactly what goes into making their ED Nano Crystal coated lens elements. I really do not know what I'm looking at but it's still pretty amazing to see how much effort and care goes into the gear we use everyday. It's hard to take those who complain about quality control when you watch something like this. On another note, it must officially be Lens Manufacturing Behind The Scenes Day as Sigma just released their own BTS video of Sigma's Lens Plant. via - Nikon Rumors

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 I want to see how they produces camera sensors lol. Good place to start Sony and Toshiba sites.

makes my buyer's remorse for spending 2 grand on my 24-70 instantly disappear!

kidding of course, i've loved that lens since day one. 

I can appreciate the "artistic" quality of this video (shallow DOF, narrow field of view, etc...), but I'd really prefer to see a more informative version of the lens manufacturing process. 

Look up "Canon Lens Production" on YouTube, and you'll see what I mean. Of course, I would assume the Nikon process is reasonably similar, but it would be cool to see nonetheless.


I just watched the Sigma video directly underneath this post on the homepage, and it's the same type of artsy video. What, did they hire the same company to film it? I'll bet most of us on Fstoppers would prefer some actual substance rather than cheesy music and bokeh.

Agreed. This is just a marketing video.

It's more a "How do they make Nikon glass".

Afterward they ship those to another plant to be polished, balanced, coated and what not.

No lenses being made here! ;)

i wanna know what kinda discounts these people get on glass?? haha

but i preferred this one to the Sigma video and though i would like a "How It's Made" episode on how they make everything form the D4 to glass this video made every lens feel like it was a personal project for every worker and not just made by a machine overlooked by a guy at a desk who's half asleep.. makes me feel a little bit more at ease for the thousands in lenses i buy hah