iPhone 5 Keeps The Same Camera And Lens, Adds New Features

iPhone 5 Keeps The Same Camera And Lens, Adds New Features

Most of us have been waiting since the day the iPhone 4s came out to hear what the iPhone 5 was going to be like. Well it is finally here. Today Apple officially announced the new iPhone 5 and my oh my does it look nice. A new 4 inch screen which is rated the most saturated and accurate screen on the market today to deliver the richest looking and highest quality images and movies.

One of the main features people want to know about a new phone is the camera quality. We all take pictures and want the best looking images possible. According to Apples keynote today, the iPhone 5 is keeping the same lens and camera but adding new features instead. Below are some specs on the new device.

What's the same:

-8-megapixel iSight camera
-Video recording, HD (1080p) up to 30 frames per second with audio
-f/2.5 lens with 5 optical elements
-Tap to focus video or still images
-Face detection in video or still images
-LED flash
-Photo and video geotagging

What's new:

-Dynamic low light mode
-Sapphire crystal cover
-Panorama mode - can produce a 28MP image
-Faster image capture
-Improved video stabilization
-Snapshots during video recording

Here are some sample images take with the new iPhone 5.

More full resolution images taken with the iPhone 5 here.

What do you guys think? Are you going to jump on the new iPhone or wait it out till be bugs are fixed or stick with your previous phones?

via - photorumors.com

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Just a slight correction... The camera is a f/2.4 lens.

I have the 4S that I use for my iphoneography and I'm definitely jumping to the 5. Mostly because of the improved stabilization. Since almost everything else about the camera is the same... Can't go wrong with more stabilization and low light ability.

myself, i never got into the IPHONE CRAZE. It's just something to help distract people from what's going on around them.
And the money charged for them? JEEEESUS, way to much for a small-ass screen to squint at.
The onboard camera is nice. BUT for the price? I'd rather have a dslr.

I am interested to see the quality of the new dynamic low light mode, but this is about the same specs as the Galaxy S III. There are slight differences like the S III with higher screen resolution and a lens with F2.0. No problem at all with product but no great innovations or attention grabbing new features?

GS3 is a f2.6 lens and has a lower ppi on the screen despite more resolution

The problem I'm having with Samsung phones is that their screens have a green tint. It's horrible. The improvement on the camera should be the two extra stops of ISO they mentioned. 

Same resolution on a newer sensor, which I think is a notable improvement.

I thought the iPhone 5 had a Saphire lens compared to glass on the 4S? Or is that just the cover in front of the lens?

I can't seem to find any nighttime shots....strange seeing as one would have thought apple would love to show of this new Dynamic Low Light Mode?

Meh. I have the iPhone 4. I don't need a larger phone, and I don't take more than snapshots with my phone. So I can't see a good reason to upgrade. Having Siri alongside would be nice, but not for the price. 

Sell your ip4 online and the 5 is basically paid for

-Sapphire crystal cover" Isn't this the material of the lens?

front camera is different ;-)

I'm more curious how the new firmware upgrade, i.e. OS 6 is going to affect the 4S' camera capabilities. Do we know if video stabilization is hardware or software based?

Does anyone know why we have yet to receive control of shutter speed and ISO on any phone camera. There are $150 P&S that give you this control...what gives? Also, I want to add that I didn't bother with the 4s hoping the 5 would be a significant upgrade, but so far...I have yet to see what is significantly improved.

I don't know about the iphone, but as for my HTC, i can control the ISO up to 800

Don't forget the precision lens alignment, f 2.4 lens, and the improved noise reduction in the new ISP...

Looks like the Lumia 920 wins this battle in terms of specs. Can't wait to see these two go head to head in the reviews soon.