Kit Out Your Sony 200-600mm Lens With These Three Accessories

Do you own the Sony 200-600mm lens? Are you thinking of purchasing it? Here are three awesome accessories that make a great lens ever better.

Not long after the Sony FE 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS lens was announced, I noted just a small number of shortcomings with it. First is the lack of a zoom lock or tension adjustment mechanism to keep the lens at 600mm. On top of that, it only takes an extremely minor turn of the loosely tensioned zoom ring to go from 600mm down to 500mm and below. For this I came to realize that a LensCoat Lens Cover has the solution built right in.

Second, and who knows why, Sony still has yet to adapt built-in Arca Swiss plates in any of their tripod feet for telephoto lenses (something Tamron has with their much less expensive 150-600mm). Enter the Kirk replacement foot, the option I chose over two other similar products for the lens.

The third accessory isn’t so much making a correction as it is getting the most out of a very portable setup. Check out the latest video above from my YouTube channel to get all the details on my recommendations.

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Jerome Brill's picture

Welcome to Sony.

Ryan Mense's picture

I was definitely wearing shoes too. Always ready, haha.

And pants I hope!

Ryan Mense's picture

Let’s not get carried away

That's a lot of lens to hand hold for a long time. I have the Kirk Foot and love it. This lens pretty much lives on my monopod.

I stopped watching when he complained about an internal zooming lens not having a "stopper" at 200mm or 600mm, unbelievable. Genius of the year award goes to you!

Ryan Mense's picture

GOTTEM. But hey I’m the one that uses the lens every single day, and I know what I want. Lens creep or not, it would be a better lens with a lock.

Ryan, I have owned the 200-400mm f4 VRII from Nikon for many years now and I have no idea what you're talking about. You seem like a really nice guy and I kinda feel bad that I said anything, but can you please explain better what the heck is the issue, because now I am curious. My internal zooming Nikon 200-400mm lens has never needed a lock and that's why no manufacture's have locks on internal zoom lenses. Is your Sony 200-600mm lens somehow moving focal lengths on you by itself or something?

Ryan Mense's picture

"Is your Sony 200-600mm lens somehow moving focal lengths on you by itself or something?" That's pretty much it. "By itself" may not be entirely true, but it's what it very much feels like to me. The zoom ring is too loose and gets accidentally shifted all the time while out shooting for the day. Added to the fact that the zoom throw is so short, you lose a bunch of focal length with just a tiny nudge off of 600mm. A lock may not be the one and only solution, I would love for the lens to have a Tight - Loose adjustment if I can't have a lock, and if I can't have either, just a tighter zoom ring in the first place. So with that, I found just overlapping the LensCoat pieces in this area creates that friction that Sony didn't give me and that's why I recommended it.