LEE Filters Officially Announces the SW150 Mark II Filter System

LEE Filters Officially Announces the SW150 Mark II Filter System

The legendary photography brand LEE Filters, founded in 1961, has announced a new version of their popular SW150 filter system specially designed to be compatible with a broader range of ultra wide-angle lenses. This system is designed to adapt filters to ultra wide-angle lenses with built-in petal sunshade lens hoods and without screw threads.

The main difference with the first version is that the holder comes fitted with a Lightshield. The shield helps to prevent unwanted back reflections and creates a light-tight seal enabling the use of both the Little and Big Stopper as well as neutral density graduated filters and a polarizer.

The graduated filters for this system measure 150x170mm while the neutral density filters and polarizers are 150mm square.

Photographers who already own the original SW150 Mark I can purchase the Lightshield separately and fit it to their existing SW150 filter holder.

List of supported lenses:

LEE Filters says that new lens adaptors are on the way. Some rumor sites have already pointed that LEE is actively working on an adaptor for the new Canon 11-24 f/4 lens that may be announced soon.

There is no official information about pricing yet, but I have found UK prices through Linhof studio which prices the holder at £125.00 and the filter adapters at £78.00 a piece.

For more information, visit the LEE Filters website.

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Michael Kormos's picture

Love my first-gen SW150, although I wish it was designed to work better with Nikkor 14-24mm.
That lens' hood still managed to scratch half a dozen of my Lee filters. Matter of fact, just used their system this morning at 3:50am to capture an Icelandic sunrise. Every other landscape photogrpher in Jokulsarlon was admiring its size!

Wayne Denny's picture

Maybe someone can help me out here. I was planning on picking up the Lee system for my 24-70 Nikon lens to play around with some landscape shots. But I'm also taking a trip to Iceland in August, and was planning on renting a wide angle lens like the 14-24. Does this new system cover both of those lenses? Or do I have to pick up both adapters for both lenses?