Leica Expands Camera Lineup With Vintage CL

Leica Expands Camera Lineup With Vintage CL

Leica Camera AG today announced an expansion to its APS-C camera lineup with the classic-looking CL mirrorless camera. The CL is the second Leica camera manufactured in Germany and, while the CL and TL2 models are technologically similar, the CL eschews the TL2’s sleek, high-tech form factor for a more traditional Leica design. The black version of the CL will hit stores at the end of November.

The CL boasts Leica’s first electronic viewfinder with what the company calls EyeRes technology, designed specifically for the CL. The EyeRes viewfinder virtually eliminates image latency, and offers a resolution of 2.36 million pixels for sharp, vivid viewing. One of the chief advantages of this technology is that the final image is viewable in the viewfinder, offering photographers full control over their compositions.

The Leica CL's EyeRex viewfinder reduces image latency below the threshold of perception with technology designed specifically for the CL.

The CL’s 24-megapixel APS-C sensor also captures video at a resolution up to 4K at 30 frames per second. A Maestro Series II processor and fast autofocus with 49 metering points help ensure photographers achieve sharp focus quickly and accurately. 

The camera’s built-in Wi-Fi capability is a powerful tool that allows users to quickly share images to social media via the CL App for iOS or Android smartphones. It also gives photographers incredible freedom with the ability to use their phone as an off-camera viewfinder or remote.

The CL’s compact form and iconic Leica design make it a discreet camera perfect for street photography or as a lightweight companion when a bulky DSLR may not be ideal.

The camera’s main functions are all accessible on the top plate, including two dials for setting the aperture, shutter speed, ISO value, and exposure compensation. The top plate display shows users all relevant settings.

The top plate of the Leica CL gives users access to all camera functions and includes a display showing camera settings.

All lenses developed for the TL and SL systems, with focal lengths ranging from 17mm to 200mm, are available to the CL by using the bayonet mount, eliminating the need for an adapter. TL lenses are developed in Germany and Leica boasts exceptional imaging through the use of precision engineering and the finest lens materials. 

Among the lenses available are three zooms: the Super-Vario- Elmar-TL 1:3.5–4.5/11–23 ASPHVario-Elmar-TL 1:3.5–5.6/18–56 ASPH, and the APO- Vario-Elmar-TL 1:3.5–4.5/55–135 ASPH, and four prime lenses: the Elmarit-TL 1:2.8/18 ASPH., Summicron-TL 1:2/23 ASPH, Summilux-TL 1:1.4/35 ASPH, and the APO- Macro-Elmarit-TL 1:2.8/60 ASPH

Leica M- and R-Lenses can be used on the CL with an adapter. 

[via Leica]

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You pay a lot for that red dot.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have the 'junkie itch' - but $4 grand?

Beautiful but still over priced.

this camera being in the price range of a D850 or Mark IV is not only a joke, it's an insult

There's a CRAZY Black Friday sale on the Leica CL all over eBay. You can get one used at 90% off MSRP! And this one is full frame! https://www.ebay.com/p/Leica-CL-35mm-Rangefinder-Film-Camera-Body-Only/5...


Vintage? I think you mean retro. Vintage refers to something actually older, not just styled to look older.

Fair point. :)