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New Web Video Series Shows How Photographers 'Got the Shot'

Every time a photographer puts his or her work on display, whether in a gallery, online, at a local cafe or wherever, it gives viewers a glimpse of what that photographer saw when they made the shot. But it's just a moment, a flash of time captured in ones and zeroes, then printed or shared on social media. It doesn't, however, tell the entire story of how the photographer made the image.

The Super Reason to Work in 16-Bit Over 8-Bit

For photographers of a certain age, the decision of whether to work in 8-bit or 16-bit is as easy as the decision between playing Nintendo and Super Nintendo in 1991. More colors led to more realistic graphics and better gameplay. The 16-bit Super Nintendo was king. The same principle holds true when working on your images in Photoshop.

Straighten Extreme Distortions With Ease

Super wide-angle lenses can expand the field of vision in your images, but they often come with an unwanted side effect — lens distortion. The good news is distortion can easily be fixed in Photoshop with this tool.

Try These Creative Compositing Techniques

There are countless ways to combine images in Photoshop. So many, in fact, it can be easy to fall into a routine using the same techniques, while ignoring or avoiding exploration of new and creative ways to combine them. If you want to try something different, Colin Smith at PhotoshopCAFE explains three techniques that can help you create compelling composites in this tutorial.

Achieve Selection Perfection Using This Technique

Creating an accurate selection of a subject's limbs is deceptively difficult. The edges often look sharp and easy to cut out, but that often isn't the case when you put the selection in the hands of Photoshop's AI. However, using this technique, you can accurately smooth out the ragged edges of the selection to create perfect edges and a crisp cut-out.

Take a Deep Dive Into the New MacBook Pro

Any Apple release is accompanied by fawning fans rushing out to make their next purchase and is inevitably followed by some howling about this feature or that feature. So, before you jump into buying a pricey new MacBook Pro, check out the pros and cons of Apple's latest big release, the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

Add 10K Followers Per Week On Instagram, Without Buying Them

Gaining followers on social media can sometimes feel like getting stuck on a hamster wheel — a whole lot of effort to get nowhere. Chris Do, of The Futur, aims to make that effort pay off for you and help you launch your social media following into the stratosphere by adding 10,000 followers per week — without buying them.

Get a Glimpse of How They Made the Most Ambitious Single Shot Film Ever Made

The long take has been a staple of film for decades, showing off a director's capability at managing a set and camera movement. Some directors have been ambitious enough to create entire films using a "single shot," which are really many shots cleverly stitched together to appear as one long, continuous take. But none have been as ambitious as Sam Mendes with his upcoming film, "1917."

Eliminate Visual Noise In Your Image With This Tip

A lack of light is the enemy of any photographer and, in certain situations, it may force you to bump your ISO far higher than you're comfortable with. The resulting visual noise in the image can render it unusable. Unless you follow this tutorial from PiXimperfect, that is.