Don't Lose Your Custom Presets or Tools When Updating Photoshop

If you're a regular user of Photoshop, you've probably put in plenty of time and effort to create your own custom presets, brushes, and other tools that help streamline your workflow. But what happens when you update to CC 2020 and notice many or all of them have disappeared? 

Colin Smith at PhotoshopCAFE shows us all is not lost when your presets don't appear in the latest version of Photoshop if you follow these simple steps. Most importantly, when you perform the update, make sure you do not check the dialog box asking to remove the previous version. Doing so will definitely complicate your efforts to migrate your presets. 

When you perform the upgrade, checking the dialog box to "import previous settings and preferences" will migrate many of your customized settings into the new app. However, they won't all move over, and that's where this tutorial will save you time. 

Keeping your presets, custom brushes, etc. organized is also a key way to make migrating them to the latest version as easy as possible. If you keep them all in one folder and know where they are, it's going to make your life easier as you complete this process. 

Have you upgraded to CC 2020? Did you have any difficulty moving your custom settings over to the updated version? Drop a comment below and tell us what your experience has been like. 

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davidlovephotog's picture

Even better advice, never update Adobe software ever and you'll spare yourself losing more than settings as they crash and are bug ridden beta software.

Sel By's picture

This would have been very helpful if written a few weeks ago, not now when everyone has already updated