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New Web Video Series Shows How Photographers 'Got the Shot'

Every time a photographer puts his or her work on display, whether in a gallery, online, at a local cafe or wherever, it gives viewers a glimpse of what that photographer saw when they made the shot. But it's just a moment, a flash of time captured in ones and zeroes, then printed or shared on social media. It doesn't, however, tell the entire story of how the photographer made the image.

Director Ryan Richardson aims to tell those stories with his new web video series, "Getting the Shot." The first episode of the series follows photographer Steven Tuchiwsky "Chasing Ice" in search of compelling images of the frosty Candian wilderness outside of Calgary, Alberta. Future episodes will focus on other niche adventure photographers, including surf photographers, rock climbing photographers, mountain biking photographers, and more. 

The first episode takes viewers on a tour of a Canadian glacier, with its ice arches and caves, as Tuchiwsky directs a friend in his composition, introducing a human element to the landscape and giving the features of landscape a sense of scale. He also travels to Abraham Lake, a frozen swath of water known for interesting ice bubbles, where he discovers something more compelling to shoot. Tuchiwsky describes his process of finding the images he hopes to create, noting that while he often sets out with an image in mind, he has learned to make do with what nature presents, so as not to limit himself and miss what could be a great shot. 

The video gives good insight into Tuchiwsky's work, and the series promises for more interesting behind-the-scenes stories of how photographers capture their images. 

What do you think of the first episode? Does seeing how other photographers work help you get better? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think. 

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Brian Pernicone grew up admiring the coastal waters of New England and that influence is evident in much of his work, which focuses primarily on coastal landscapes, boats, New England wildlife, and water sports.

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